Anton Garvis (Deceased)

Anton never made it past level 4, but in his mind, he was always a 10!


Currently Anton’s remains are somewhere in herlish, probably. Before his untimely demise Anton was a very handsome man always dressed in the finest clothes and carried, kept himself clean and tried to keep his party tidy as well. He had short stubble and a dark hair pulled back.


Anton began life in the empire to a wealthy merchant family, he spent time with tutors of many different arts and knowledges, even the arcane. While most who have a talent for arcane magic, it was quickly noted that Anton’s lacked the discipline for wizardry and he theatrical nature would most likely allow him to be overlooked by the council.

Barely into adulthood and knowing very little about his families business Anton suffered tragedy. He lost his family in an “accident”, that through some family friends and confidants he learned was an attempt to remove the family from their business dealings. Hoping he could escape a similar fate and having neither the cunning or resources to defend himself, he fled to Riyaqa with his bodyguard Emie.

!Spoilers Ahead!

Anton’s plan to use his good looks and knowledge to make his name as a business man in the unstable political climate of Riyaqa was soon thwarted as only days into his journey, he and Emie were best by some sort of shambling, gas created undead. With the help of his soon to be friends Anton was able to escape and he and his group came into possession of an important book and explicit instructions on its delivery.

Being rudderless at this point Anton went with the group and found a calling with their new employer, one Magister Ducet. In his employ the group was sent to find more information about this book and how it could stop a steadily growing plague of sand shamblers. On this fateful first trip, Anton helped rehome a group of goblins, and his last belief was that he and they had worked out some type of mining deal, the fruits of which have never been seen.

With their mission now taking them to the dessert town of herlish, to spring what is most definitely a trap, the group found themselves on the road loaded with local olives, Antons newest money making deal, when the party was beset by large noisy crickets. Anton’s performance was able prevent some of the mind clouding effects of the bugs, but this seemed to angry the chitinous beasts and they targeted Anton as he was healing others in the party. In the prime of his life he was murdered by a bunch of bugs, he never even got to create his empire….

Anton Garvis (Deceased)

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