A mercenary with a strong sense of duty and responsibility


Emi is tall and fairly muscular from her rigorous training from her guild. She is strong-willed and stubborn once she sets course on a goal.


Emi was borned in a large city in the Empire to merchant parents. She lost her parents at the age of 13, forcing her to find and forge her own path. She was able to survive on her own, but she has greater dreams and goals. Realizing that she wants to thrive and make a better life for herself, she signed up to join a mercenary guild. The guild trained her and provided food and shelter in return for her services. After being a part of the guild, she realized that she wanted to make a difference in the lives of others who share her past misfortune. She wants to empower the disadvantaged the same way the guild helped her.

Emi was very excited to get a real first assignment all on her own as Anton’s bodyguard. She takes her job very seriously primarily out of a sense of duty. She personally doesn’t care too much for Anton because he initially seems like a spoiled aristocratic airhead. However, she started sympathizing with him when unfortunate circumstances befell him. The two traveled to Riyaqa for Anton’s business ventures and personal goals. Meanwhile, Emi takes the opportunity to soak in the foreign culture and attempts to immerse herself in this new world.

Through a series of unfortunate events, Emi gradually builds a bond with a few other adventurers during their quest to save the world, as Emi likes to think of it. She is thrilled to have a greater cause for her work, especially after discovering the terrible things that have been done to helpless people for a twisted cult. Through these adventures, she also begins to deviate from her responsibility as Anton’s dedicated bodyguard due to conflicts with other personal responsibilities. As the party camaraderie builds, she feels personally responsible for the safety of all those in her company. Now that she has accepted to take on this mission to investigate The Children’s operations and motives, she also assumes the responsibility of protecting the unsuspecting civilians who will most likely be most devastated by the terrifying plans that The Children is concocting. As a person with a strong sense of duty who feels the need to see everything she starts to an end, she will continue to protect Anton until he accomplishes his goal, protect and assist her party, and thwart any plans that harms helpless civilians.


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