Finn Dennisen

Friendly Local Cleric of Rustum


Finn is in his early 30s with shoulder length dark hair and sun baked skin, even so he is obviously an imperial. Favoring a longspear over Rustums traditional weapon of a scimitar, Finn carries very few weapons, and looks slightly out of place in his armor.


Finn, has always been a part of the church, for as long as he can remember anyway. As a child he thought it was overly strict and regimented, but as soon as he began to show signs of harnessing divine power he realized that all of the discipline meant something.

He was voluntold the he would be part of a missionary force heading to Riyaqa in his late teens, he thought his duties would be creating water and ministering about the teachings of Paladine. At first this was true, but after speaking with the people and learning about their culture, he soon realized his mission was not to help the people, but to turn them away from their gods and their culture. Finn wanted to use his power and the resources of the church to help those in need, not exchange their culture and beliefs for food and supplies.

Fed up with the churches actions he “liberated” a cart of supplies and a donkey and took off towards one of the local villages, leaving his imperial trappings behind.

Finn’s Prayers to Rustum
Finn’s item list

Finn Dennisen

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