White Haired Witch/Strangler Brawler


Nanda is a tall Riyaqan woman with a somewhat unkempt and careless appearance. Her rough and worn clothes are offset by bright, colorful headscarves.

Upon first glance, Nanda’s even features and imposing build draw casual interest and even admiration from those thus inclined. Her unpleasant personal habits and tendency to stare, expressionless and without blinking tends to make admirers reconsider those inclinations.

Few are comfortable in her presence and she knows it. She is terse, even rude at times but when she can be drawn into conversation, can surprise with the clarity and depth of her observations on human nature. She is intelligent, but has contempt for scholars and institutional learning, believing both to be signs of weakness and decadence.

Her worldview is cynical and somewhat bleak, believing even the gods to be powerful, extra planar versions of human beings, with all their attendant flaws and foibles.

One of the few subjects than can stir her is slavers. She has a deep and abiding hatred for all who enslave or seek to dominate others and is not without some pity for slaves themselves.



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