Sindar Pelt

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Nondescript, for someone of Imperial descent. Tends to haul around a collection of vials, flasks, and (well-categorized) leaves. Typically unkempt; vaguely homeless-looking.


Sindar spent his formative years in north-western Riyaqa, where his parents were stationed as members of the Imperial Geographer’s Guild. Frequently left to his own devices either in the desert scrubland or in his parents’ study, he developed an interest in nature and magic. After coming of age, Sindar was accepted into the guild’s divisions of botanical and alchemical studies on the recommendation of his family. Unfortunately, his parents are now six months late in returning from their most recent expedition into the Mah Hari Sea, and he is becoming concerned…

Sindar seems to harbor particularly unpleasant feelings toward The Grand Council. He probably won’t go into much detail about his resentment, but he is more than happy to discuss the fine points of why the southern wiltbine tree should be classified as a subspecies of Bactris campestris instead of Bactris setulosa.

Sindar’s hobbies include botany, arson, and making poor life decisions.

Sindar’s Logbook
Sindar’s Formulae Book

Sindar Pelt

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