The Dim Wastes

Session 36
There's been a murder, I do declare...

The session opened with the party escaping the Haralin dockyards into the open sea aboard a skiff piloted by Ganet Godo, a trial pilot who had worked in the yards. They managed to get underway with two of Haralin’s civil engineers that had focused on researching and using the arcane core beneath the city, now on a slow buildup to overheat and destroy itself in case the Empire reneged on its promise to leave. Once they had a good distance from shore with no Black Fleet vessels in pursuit, Zayn contacted Ahti Ato with her Communion Band and updated her on the last day’s events. Ahti promised to take the news straight to the Speaker, and to contact her tomorrow with an update and the Speaker’s plan. Finn completed Sendings with many of the party’s allies, discovering a variety of information.

Happily, Willie had the SeaChild on a test cruise after completion of his modifications, and could make his way to them within a couple of days, though it would stretch his food and water thin since he had not planned for such a long voyage. Arndt was still covering the escape of other ships with the Vengeance, but would catch up to them directly. Blue was his usual rambling self, but seemed to be in his element and not in immediate danger. A lack of response from Emi worried Finn, but not much could be done at present. After Willie told him to check up on Dingo, Finn checked the goblin glass Dingo had given him to find the little spymaster prodding some prisoners with a sharp stick. Zayn used a Sending to speak with him, discovering that the prisoners were spies for the Children had been discovered. He claimed to be acting on Falat’s orders, so Zayn left him to it.

As their small vessel made it’s way east, the party went through identifying acquired magical items, destroying a marker gem they discovered belonged to a shade lord from the Shadowfell. Removing the damaged enchanted bookmark from the tome it protected, a chill went through some of the party members as they saw not a book revealed, but a book-shaped lockbox very similar to the one they had received from Wils many weeks ago. Even through the enchantments on the box, Finn could detect powerful evil within. The party made plans to find a safe place to open the box and determine the exact nature of what it held. Just then, a small bird fluttered to the ship, alighting nearby with a message on its leg. As it was taken in hand, the bird shimmered out of existence, leaving only the note behind. The note was from Arndt. Vengeance was coming to meet them, and had several refugees from Haralin aboard. He provided a list of names. The party checked them with the engineers aboard their own ship, and Graja identified several of the names as being well-known smiths from the southern reaches of the city. The party completed a Sending with Arndt in response, establishing a place and time to meet.

Two days later under the beating sun, the skiff rendezvoused with the Vengeance, Gyredancer, and two smaller vessels in company. After transferring to the Vengeance, they sank the skiff and headed back out to sea. Zayn had communed with Ahti Ato again, and learned that the Speaker was sending a ship to meet them at sea to retrieve the evidence they had from Haralin. For many reasons, it was dangerous to approach Gol Asad without dire need, and even more dangerous to bring such valuable information near the city without careful preparations. She told Zayn the ship meeting them was the Town Crier, and that it would be bringing mysterious security measures with it. Ahti had also told Zayn that the death of the governor of Haralin presented a political opportunity for Tulesa. If the governor could not be resurrected for some reason, then the independent cities would need to vote for a new governor for their sister satrapy. That would be a vote Tulesa could influence heavily. Zayn rebuffed the offer, refusing to delay righting the wrong of the governor’s murder for political gain. Closing the conversation, Zayn informed Ahti of the declaration of war from the Empire that had been intercepted. Ahti said she would pass the information along, but lack of a formal delivery to the assembly would make action on such information difficult.

As the ships traveled north to drop the party off and meet Willie, Finn and Zayn worked hard to convince the Haralin refugees to resettle in Tulesa, where their skills would be invaluable. When most had agreed, Finn did a Sending with Arastea Ghomesh to send another trimaran with supplies and a minimal crew. They would resupply the SeaChild and pick up refugees to return them to Tulesa. Ghomesh agreed, and dispatched the Plainsrunner under the command of Zedin Alasan, a veteran commander of the trimarans. Arriving in the vicinity of their rendezvous point, the party decided to take a boat to shore for a hew hours to safely investigate the contents of the book container. Vengeance came in close and dropped their launch into the water, allowing them to row to shore as the Vengeance moved back out to a good distance.

The two engineers came along to assist in opening the complex mechanism, which gave way quickly under the combined efforts of Sindar and his two new assistants. Carefully, Sindar flipped the cover open with everyone else standing a good ways back. A wave of vile energy pulsed through the assembled adventurers as a darkened doorway emerged nearby. Beyond, the terrain was unchanged, but was plunged into the darkness of midnight. Figures could be seen standing in the distance, vaguely humanoid and shimmering with fluid darkness. As one, the members of the party all turned to look at the small black-bound volume within as it pleaded to be taken through the portal, offering limitless power for whomever complied. All but one of them resisted the call, and Zayn dove forward for the book. Reacting faster than he thought he could, Tarsus tackled her before she could reach it, absorbing a blast of energy from her before Sindar slammed the cover closed, collapsing the portal and ending the book’s influence. In the time he gazed on the thing, the book had spoken directly into his mind, describing its contents to him in its offering of power. He knew it was a book of rituals, collected millennia ago by a Shade Hierophant of the Church of Fen (though the book did not describe precisely what that was). The rituals grew in power as the hierophant went along, collecting more and more information and moving toward his ultimate goal- learning rituals that could kill gods and take their power. Disturbing as that concept was, even more disturbing was the name of the priest that had owned the book: Arugal Xazat. Realization crashed over Sindar like a breaking wave- that priest had succeeded. He had killed the gods of the Shadowfell and taken their power for his own. Sindar re-locked all the mechanisms guarding the tome, and packed it away in the bag of holding. Quietly, the group returned to the Vengeance.

Back aboard, as the rest of the party worked out the geometry of densely packing treasure onto tapestries for magical storage, Tarsus ran across a man named Kasik who was frantically searching the ship. He discovered a valuable custom-made sword had been taken from the merchant (or was misplaced) and agreed to help him look. Outside, the ship slowed as the wind died off- doldrums were unfortunate, but not unheard of, and should pass within the day. Joining the search, Finn dispatched Kando to help. A while later, Kando sought out his teacher, asking him to come to the ship’s bilge deck. Down there, they found what Kando had found- the sword and its scabbard were lying in the damp bilge. Retrieving it, they found blood smeared heavily on the blade. They wiped a small amount of the blood onto a bit of cloth, and placed that on the revelation cloth they carried in the hope of locating the source of the blood. The cloth glowed, but indicated no particular direction. Moving around bore no real change in the indication. They alerted Arndt, who assembled everyone on deck for a head count and determined a man named Fenno Qurat was missing.

Arndt asked the party to look into the matter, but keep it as quiet as possible to avoid a panic. People were already talking ghosts and curses with the doldrums imprisoning the ship as it was. After asking a few questions, they determined that Fenno had been an apprentice with Arlat Dovesh, a blacksmith in Haralin. Interviewing Arlat and his wife under the cover of a Zone of Truth spell, a complicated web of relationships among the refugees began to unfold, and it became clear they would need to sort this and root out the killer before they sent the lot on to Tulesa. The web started with Arlat, whom his wife (Anda) suspected was having an affair, probably with the hussy that ran the local tavern, Denna Herla. Kasik Vey, the man who’s sword had been used for the crime, owed money for the sword to Arlat, and was convinced that Veno Ardina ( a smithing rival of Arlat) was out to get him because he had started buying from Arlat instead of him. In all of this Fenno seemed to be a more or less neutral party until the group uncovered that Denna had tried to get him laid with a local whore one night to celebrate a victory in his life, only to find that he had no interest. He preferred men, and she had kept her friend’s secret. With this discovery, the truth began to unravel quickly. Anda’s suspicions had been correct, but she had been wrong about the identity of Arlat’s lover.

Confronting Arlat with their discovery, he confessed that Fenno had threatened to tell their secret to everyone if Arlat did not follow through on his various bedside promises, and Arlat had killed him for it shortly after coming aboard, weighing him down and throwing him overboard. The ship’s purser was able to corroborate that several pieces of chain shot ammunition for the swivel guns were missing- handy weights to make sure a body does not resurface. The revelation cloth had been trying to tell the party that the body was not in a specific compass direction because it was, by now, far beneath their feet. In a last ditch attempt to save himself, Arlat pointed out that he could bring master-crafted weaponry to their settlement if they simply let this go, and revealed that he had brought on the doldrums around the ship. He promised to give up the item that had done it in exchange for a promise of commuting any charge against him. The party locked him in a stateroom to confer with Arndt. Arndt laughed and offered up the bag of items he had already found while everyone searched for the missing man aboard the ship. Within, the party found a weatherstone which was active, and shut it off. After recovering various other powerful items from the bag, they discussed how to deal with Arlat. Arndt informed them that if the man were turned over to him, he would be tried according to the ships’ charter, as such fairness of laws at sea were the only thing that held crews like his together with no national flag to sail under anymore. That meant a gruesome and public death for Arlat- murder at sea was not taken lightly. A second option was available, since the refugees had officially accepted status as residents of Tulesa. Zayn could designate the man a prisoner of her government, and take responsibility for him until he could be disembarked.

Agreeing to take the man back to Tulesa to stand trial, Zayn chose the second option. Securing Arlat in the brig, the group settled in for the night to get some good rest. Early the next morning, a call went up as a line of ships was spotted fast approaching on the horizon. There were 10 in total, and they were bearing straight in for the Vengence and her fleet. Unsure of the intent of the ships, the Vengeance beat drums to quarters, preparing for battle. Hearing her signal, the Gyredancer and other ships followed suit and fell back from the Vengeance, gaining room to maneuver for battle. As the line of ships closed, one broke away and raised signal flags when the Vengeance signaled a challenge. It identified itself as the Town Crier, seeking news of Haralin. As the ships maneuvered around each other, the security measure Ahti had spoken of became clear. Each of the ten ships was marked identically- every detail from the name on the stern to the arrangements of gear on deck was the same. One came forward and sent a boat across to the Vengeance, and the party transferred the bodies of the governor and his wife, along with the Remembrance Orb and other paperwork. when the loaded boat was pulled back aboard its own ship, the party watched as ballast was jettisoned to correct for the new weight. These people were serious about their ruse.

The story closed as Finn completed a new Sending with Willie, finding that the SeaChild was only about 9 hours out, and the Vengeance turned toward the beach to deliver the party to their meeting point.

The Vote

The vote has been tabled in the Asad while missing delegates are searched for and rescued. An automatic procedural clock of 60 days started when they went missing, with 7 days now remaining before the delegates are declared dead and replaced.

The Black Fleet has been spotted in Riyaqan waters, now heading south out to open sea.

XP Gain

The party has advanced to level 10. The party remains at Mythic Tier 1.

Quote of the Day

Session 35
Liberation in chaos

The session opened with the party looting bodies of the dead Imperial marines and consoling a somewhat shaken Graja Helin. Soft thumps through the walls betrayed the battle beginning to rage outside as ship crews fought to retake their vessels and escape the city. From several sources now, the party had information that important prisoners were being kept in the camps outside the city. With fighting getting underway within the walls, this seemed like their best opportunity to take the camps quickly. Seeing an opportunity, Graja interjected that if they wanted engineers for their project in the desert, the east camp was where they would find them. Some of her peers had been taken there, along with an imperial officer who had gone against orders. If the party would go after her fellow engineers, she would continue on her way to the core control bunker the Empire had not found yet, and do what she could to throw them into further disarray. As they parted ways, Graja gave them a question that only one of the actual core engineers could answer, as a way to identify them.

With that, the party was off, using Zayn’s Dimension Door spells to cover ground as quickly as possible when marine forces opened fire on the keep windows. Tarsus opted instead to use the fly and invisibility extracts Sindar had given him, since transporting everyone would overtax Zayn’s magic. Alerted to the movements of the party, Black Fleet archers were quick to adapt each time the group was spotted, changing positions to put arrows on them with urgency. As they moved, a great rumbling shook the entire city like an earthquake. All around them, the city walls themselves were sliding down in to the earth, leaving only the massive gate houses standing. The careful cordoning plan the Empire forces had crafted fell into chaos in a matter of minutes, as all control of the city streets passed into the ground, inch by inch. It seemed Graja had figured out what the party’s new control rod would do with Haralin’s core.

Eventually working their way near one of the inland spires of the city, the group got a few moments to rest while Tarsus got their position again and closed distance with them. Within seconds, a guard in the spire above spotted the party and raised the alarm. They looked on as squads that had been pursuing them closed through the streets. Zayn’s magic was being push to the limit, and if she did much more she might not be able to back up the party if a proper fight started. So they ran, flitting across the roofs of the close-packed buildings to try and throw off their pursuers. The most agile and lightly armored of the marines scaled stairs and ladders of nearby buildings, joining the chase.

As she began to fall behind her compatriots, Zayn chanced another spell to turn herself into elemental air and drift into the sky. Below, the chase across rooftops continued at a breakneck pace, leaping alleyways and dodging shoddy shingle-work with a handful of marines closing in. It did not take too long for the fastest of the marines to catch up, halting the chase as Finn and Kando found themselves hemmed in, Sindar turning to help as Tarsus and Zayn approached from the sky. A few hard blows were exchanged as the party consolidated their position. The marines did the same, but were disrupted by flights of black arrows skewering a couple of men closest to the party. Seemingly from thin air, a black-skinned humanoid in a dark cloak had materialized on a nearby rooftop and engaged the marines, providing an opportunity for the party to escape. Seizing their chance, Zayn and Tarsus came in close, helped the party move to the safety of a nearby rooftop, then lifted everyone away from the roof on the last of Sindar’s flight magic.

Floating gently and invisibly to the customs check office outside the east wall, the group set down near the building and explored the structure. Finding it recently abandoned (probably housing troops that were now rushing into the city), the group used the opportunity to catch their breath and surveil the camp further east across a wide field. They saw a few soldiers, but nothing they couldn’t handle. A fairly thorough search of the building turned up some interesting items, including documents alluding to local citizens that had conspired to help the invaders and some stamped platinum bars probably intended as payoffs. As they debated when to make their move on the camp, Finn saw that the soldiers there were dragging prisoners into a line outside the buildings. They were lining up prisoners- never a good thing when cannon shells are already flying. The party had to move right now.

Charging the camp, the party got close enough before breaking cover to legitimately surprise the distracted marines. The opening seconds of the fight went well for the party as the remaining marines fell back a bit to regroup. Two warbinders were with the troops, and would have to be a focus if the party wanted to end this quickly. As they figured out their tactics, a new wrench was thrown at the party when Imperial Admiral Jonathan Lamarck walked out of one of the buildings, gloves torn and soaked in red and fresh splatters of blood on his breastplate. It was immediately obvious he had been here “interrogating” one of the important prisoners this camp was meant to hold in a coincidence of spectacularly bad timing. He drew a sword crackling with energy from its scabbard and ordered his troops to slaughter the prisoners while he would “deal with this nuisance.” The marines immediately went to work on the manacled civilians present.

The next few seconds were bloody and intense. The two warbinders fell back from the party, making themselves difficult to get to through the layer of soldiers between. And then something happened. The two looked at each other, gave a nod, and attacked the other marines and the admiral. The party had wondered to themselves many times how priests aligned with good gods could participate in an invasion such as this. And here it was- the admiral had taken things a step too far, and the priests turned on him for it. Their betrayal of the admiral and the marines was the only opening the party needed, allowing them to quickly roll up the remaining marines as they worked their way across the camp to try and defend the clerics. Unfortunately, Lamarck’s vengeance got to them first, and both priests paid for their change of heart with their lives. Still many of the prisoners had survived, and now the party stood toe to toe with the commander of the Black Fleet. The air around them darkened, and Finn let out an exasperated sigh. He knew what that meant even before Arturo Ducet opened his mouth.

Sensing that this battle was over, since Ducet wasn’t ripping his throat out, Lamarck sheathed his own blade, prompting the party to relax just a touch, though not quite enough to let their own guard down completely. Ducet informed the admiral that he knew that this attack had been ordered based on false information deliberately provided to the Emperor, and he would see it undone. He advised Lamarck to distance himself from the endeavor before heads began to roll from the throne room in Isamon. Lamarck laughed, telling ducet that the war declaration had already arrived in Gol Asad, and nothing would be undone now, regardless of how it had come to pass. Ducet pulled a torn and somewhat blood-dampened parchment from his cloak and displayed it. It bore the Imperial royal seal. “You mean this?” he asked. “It seems it never made it to the Asad floor.” Doubt crept into Lamarck’s expression, and Ducet pressed his advantage. He informed Lamarck that this battle was already lost, but he would allow the man to pull back from Haralin peacefully. Lamarck begrudgingly agreed, and began the trek on foot back to the city.

Ducet then turned his attention to the party, asking if they had recovered the wayward officer in the camp. A search finally turned the man up hiding in a toilet. A bit a magic cleaning later, and he was ready to travel. The man’s name was Major Anax Amando, and he was a Black Fleet officer who had been given orders to round up and kill villagers, which he refused. He had later helped other important prisoners escape to the countryside once he was stripped of his unit and sent back to garrison- a move which had earned him a bed in this camp and the focused efforts of Lamarck to reveal “who had turned him.” Ducet revealed that the presence of this officer was why he had come personally. He had the spells needed to take Major Amando directly back to the Imperial Palace, and tell the Emperor first hand what had happened here in his name. Ducet could reveal the evidence he had that elements of a shadow government within the Empire had plotted to trick the Emperor into war before it was justified, and hopefully sway the throne to reverse course before it was too late. Hearing a brief from the party of what had transpired within the city, Ducet ordered Talia to locate the governor’s son and his entourage, and get them safely to the Asad. Then she was to assist the party with their next steps. With that, the vampire primarch opened a portal in the road before them. Through it, the immaculate tiled floors of the Grand Terrace were clearly visible. Ducet and Amando stepped through, and were gone.

The party scoured the remaining prisoners asking around about who was who, who was injured, and helping where they could. In due course, through the question Graja had given them, they identified only one surviving engineer, Hota Janelo. They fled with him to the nearby shipyard docks, where they found a man with a boat getting ready to depart. Brokering a deal for passage with him out to sea, they waited only a few minutes before Graja arrived, all the control rods for the Haralin core in hand. The story closed as the boat pulled away from the pier and rowed out to the sealanes, and Finn prepared a series of Sending spells to update their allies on what had transpired.

The Vote

The vote has been tabled in the Asad while missing delegates are searched for and rescued. An automatic procedural clock of 60 days started when they went missing, with 11 days now remaining before the delegates are declared dead and replaced.

The Black Fleet has been spotted in Riyaqan waters, moving east along the southern coast. A secret Imperial occupation of Riyaqan territory has ended!

Quote of the Day

Session 34
It's not the size of the dog in the fight...

Our story opened with the party settling on accepting the less appealing aspects of Talia’s plan in favor of it being their best option to get deep into the city unmolested. They spent some time carefully preparing and coordinating what resources they might need to succeed once they were inside the city, realizing this might be the toughest fight they’ve encountered yet if things go awry. Satisfied with their planning, the group moved out from the remnants of the Imperial camp and rested. During the night, they spied a shadowy form observing them from the trees nearby, but were unable to learn more about it before it was gone. In the morning, Talia warned the party about the more capable priests backing up the Imperial forces- men called Warbinders. Even just happening nearby, one of these priests stood a good chance of feeling Talia’s presence and unraveling their ruse early, so they were to be avoided at all costs. With their cover story straightened out and disguises applied, the group headed for the city wall.

They met their first resistance at the farmer’s market along the road into the west wall of Haralin. Zayn took the lead in fast-talking their way through the soldiers there, and the group was led into the city by a marine officer named Cardiff. He took them to an inn inside the inner wall district of the city. The city’s original inhabitants had been entirely forced from this zone, and the only traffic on theo roads was occasion patrols and companies of marines moving here and there. Depositing the group in a room at the selected inn, currently in use as an officers’ barracks, Lt. Cardiff left to find the High Colonel commanding the garrison. As soon as they were alone, the group scoured the room for anything useful or magical, and then Finn connected with Blue via a Sending spell to tell him they were close, and to be ready. As usual, only part of what Blue had to tell them came back to Finn as his rambling response was cut off by the limitations of the magic. Zayn used her Communion Band to speak with her Asadin, Ahti Ato. She told Ahti that the occupation of Haralin was done by the Empire, not the Children of Ahriman, and that they were seeking evidence to return to the Asad. Zayn described the breadth of slaughter that had taken place on the island to hide the Imperial secret. Ahti carefully noted all her mistress said, and reported that there had been a little trouble at the Tulesti estate, but it was nothing the council there could not handle. In recognition of their status, a diplomatic spire was being erected there, identifying the estate and it’s town as the home of an Asad Sovereign.

Shortly after, Finn completed a Sending with Thuli Black, informing him of their progress and telling Thuli to move forward with his own plans. Thuli mentioned that the Blackjacks had reported much the same information that morning, but did not elaborate on who they were. He did mention they would be ready to assist when the time came. While all this was going on, Sindar set about forging a new set of orders to get the party through the inner city and into the courtyard of the Tidefall Fortress at the city center, copying much of the formatting of the orders drafted to get them this far. Collecting Talia’s unconscious form and disguising Zayn as an Imperial Lieutenant, the group slipped out of the inn and headed off.

Moving through the streets roughly in the direction of the fortress, the party crossed paths with several sets of soldiers without incident. Eventually, a pair of soldiers approaching them on the street caused alarm in the group as Finn realized one of them was a scout the group had encountered and subdued earlier on the island, but not killed. If he recognized them, the game was up in a very bad way. Thinking quickly, the group ducked into a large shop nearby, and ran headlong into a squad of marines busily looting the place. Feigning anger at such actions unbecoming of professional soldiers, Zayn played the part of a junior Imperial officer impressively. The squad dropped their loot and shuffled out quickly. Alone in the shop, the group re-arranged their disguises to match the original cover story and headed out to cover the last bit of ground to the fortress gates. They soon came across another pair of marines, but were challenged this time since they were in the streets without an escort. Presenting their forged paperwork, the group very nearly convinced the pair of their ruse. Instead, the soldiers decided to escort them the rest of the way personally, and ask the major commanding the gate guard about the unusual orders once they arrived.

At the gate they met Major Kendrick, the supposed author of the order that Sindar had forged. Luckily for the party, he had written many access orders that day and wasn’t entirely sure whether the order was genuine. Unluckily for them, he was a suspicious man by nature, and ordered the party placed in holding cells until he could sort the matter out. Finn talked the guards escorting them to the cells to allow him to respectfully store the body of the “diplomat” somewhere more suitable. They made a stop by the mausoleums on the fortress grounds, where the group respectfully placed the body before Finn snuck in a couple of sharp kicks on their way out, hoping to wake Talia from her torpor. From there, the party was taken to a small dungeon attached to the keep and left in two cells. The resident Imperial jailor was an excessively creepy and sadistic man named Junov Sinn, who seemed to take pleasure in tormenting his charges and made no exception for the diplomatic mission left in his care. After he wandered away to bother other inmates, the group made quick work of the shoddy door locks on their cages and commenced sneaking about the place to get stock of the prisoners.

The most interesting people they found were the son (Dunai Farindi) of the deposed governor of Haralin and his retinue (Rasia Farindi, his aunt; and Odesh Vliae, a favored stable hand and sometime playmate). Just as they were freeing these people, Junov Sinn happened around the corner with a start. Tarsus charged him to stop him from raising the alarm, but a stool flung from behind him nearly took the small man’s head clean off, ending his life in one blow. Odesh clearly did not like Junov Sinn. Guessing they had mere minutes before someone else might happen by, the party moved quickly to interview and free more important prisoners. They struck paydirt with Graja Helin- an engineer who had worked on the arcane core beneath the city and had been thrown in here until she became more cooperative in talking about it. Sindar was easily able to establish a rapport with her after showing her the transmutation control rod from the Tulesti estate arcane core. An idea occurred to Graja, and they developed a plan. There were functions of the city’s core that had never been deciphered because of missing pieces. Perhaps this rod would do something cool with Haralin’s core. The group agreed to let her take the rod and try, in exchange for information about how to deactivate the harbor defenses and release the ships being held in the interior waterways of the city. With that, Graja was off as the party ran for the harbor control console in the southwest tower of the keep.

Arriving at the console at the top of the tower, the party found a pair of guards that they quickly dispatched. Figuring out the controls took a bit longer, but they soon enough had them sorted. The loch gates and arch portcullis began to slowly grind out of the way at the same time that large spikes and the harbor boom retracted, clearing the way to the open ocean. Shots rang out below them as men on the deck of captured ship rose up together against their captors. In the distance, a short line of Imperial gunships closed on the harbor entrance, presuming the cut off any ships taking to opportunity to escape. The battle to liberate Haralin had begun.

The party did their best to smash the console and destroy its inner workings before heading to the keep’s interior. They hoped to see what they could recover, and see what they might destroy in order to further hamper Empire forces. Moving quickly through the keep, they found the lower floors deserted and not containing much of value. They came across the slaughtered corpses of house staff stuffed here and there in rooms that had been barricaded off, and eventually found the governor’s bedchamber. Within were the bodies of the governor and his wife, recognizable from the many painting and tapestries bearing their likenesses. They had been murdered in their sleep. The library produced a curious volume protected by an enchanted bookmark meant to hide it from scrutiny. Some damage had been done to the library during an earlier assault, and the bookmark was apparently malfunctioning. It hid the book well enough, but revealed its own magic, defeating the effort. The party decided to investigate more thoroughly later, and stuff the book and bookmark into the bag of holding for now. Noise from further upstairs drew their attention. A fight was going on somewhere.

Anyone fighting with Imperial soldiers was an ally in these circumstances, and the party got moving quickly to join the fray. They found none other than the engineer they parted ways with earlier, who had been cornered by a scout marine while sneaking through the keep. The group engaged and easily dispatched the single soldier, but reinforcements had already been on the way. In moments, they were surrounded and in a real fight. A few grenadiers, a warbinder, and another man cut off the party’s escape from the area. The grenadiers got in a few good opening shots against clusters of the party members before they spread out and took advantage of magical fire protection. Failing to adapt to that tactic, the grenadiers were all but ineffective after that, which turned out to be critical to the party’s success. The odd man out was soon identified as High Colonel Blackstone, commander of the Imperial garrison. Seconds later, the party learned at the point of his sword that he was a skilled magus as he forced the first of them to disengage temporarily with an electrical discharge from his weapon.The fight ebbed and flowed around the storeroom where Graja had initially been trapped, and into the hallway outside. At great cost to Finn’s healing reserves, the Black Fleet forces were eventually whittled down to just the Colonel, who fought to the death.

Though the party came out ahead in this encounter, it had cost them a lot and left their resources strained while still deep in enemy territory. The story closed as they rushed to pull bodies into the room and secure the scene, ensuring they would have the upper hand if another group came after them before they could figure out what to do next.

The Vote

The vote has been tabled in the Asad while missing delegates are searched for and rescued. An automatic procedural clock of 60 days started when they went missing, with 11 days now remaining before the delegates are declared dead and replaced.

The Black Fleet has been spotted in Riyaqan waters, moving east along the southern coast. A secret Imperial occupation of Riyaqan territory has been discovered!

Quote of the Day

Session 33
...Resistance Becomes Duty.

Our story opened with the party moving along the west road of the large island, trying to close distance with the city of Haralin. Careful progress needing to be balanced with a speedy approach, the group opted to remain on the road as long as possible as they moved south. The first several hours was relatively smooth going, suddenly interrupted by the pop of a thin wire at Tarsus’ feet. It had been stretched across the entire road, and seemed to snap back in slow motion toward a hastily hidden tube strapped to a tree trunk several yards off the road. Instantly, paper and pitch wadding ejected from the tube as an alchemical charge rocketed skyward, detonating brilliantly a few hundred feet above their heads. Cursing, the group shuffled quickly off the road and took cover briefly before continuing south by moving through the dense undergrowth.

A little less than an hour later, an Imperial patrol of eight soldiers rounded the bend in the road ahead of them, moving quickly north. They were most likely on their way to investigate the launched flare. Knowing these soldiers were capable scouts, the party hunkered down and hid, waiting for the patrol to pass before moving on. As they continued south, they came across another of the flare traps. Unable to even feign self-control at the possibility of such a prize, Sindar fell upon the device and commenced disabling its trigger in order to collect and study it. Unfortunately, a mix of excitement and impatience overcame his steady hands, and a muffled thud announced the launch of another flare as Sindar blinked the soot out of his eyes. Decided the patrol they passed was far too close for comfort and could be here within minutes, the party lit out at full speed through the woods to get some distance quickly before following their confiscated map to the village of Pato.

They found Pato much like the other villages they had checked: sacked and burned, with the populace massacred. In the distance, the low-frequency thuds of cannon fire disrupted their mournful silence. Tarsus climbed a tree to get above the dense foliage and spied the source. Just south of them, on the coast, a pair of Black Fleet freighters were putting the finishing touches on yet another village. The scene was too far away for the party to get there quickly, and the visible soldier too numerous to guarantee anything but a quick death. While surveying their surroundings, Tarsus spotted red canvas through the dense brush to the east. He quickly climbed down and informed the group, and they headed out.

Closer surveillance indicated the flash of red came from a small Imperial encampment, likely to be the scout headquarters indicated on their map. The group conferred on a plan to gain entry, expecting at least a dozen highly skilled soldiers to occupy the camp. Deciding on a course of action, they put their plan to work. Disguising Tarsus as best they could as a Black Fleet scout marine, the group approached. Tarsus came crashing toward the camp first, immediately attracting the attention of a pair of nearby archers who aimed at him, then relaxed their aim as they saw him clearly. He yelled out to them that he was being pursued, and they tensed again, scanning the woods behind him for threats. One of them raised the alarm, and the party realized their plan may have a small flaw as the nearby tents began to disgorge more soldiers.

Tarsus turned to face his comrades, playing the gambit for all he could get from it. Some of the soldiers shouldered past their “fellow marine” to get a clear bead on the rest of the party, and he attacked. The archer in front of him was taken completely by surprise, and the rest of the party was able to seal his fate before many of the marines could react. The rest, however, recovered quickly. They took up positions in a well-rehearsed pattern, archers moving to the outside and soldiers moving to cover any easy paths to reach them. The opening seconds of the fight saw the party release some devastating shots against the assembled marines. The Imperials identified Zayn as a primary threat, subjecting her to a withering barrage of arrows as putting her on the ground quickly. Finn rushed to her as the rest of the group closed ranks and focused on each marine in turn as best they could.

As Finn tried to get Zayn back into the fight, Sindar did his level best to teach the marines why it was a bad idea to clump up with wide sprays of acid and flame. In response, they sought to teach him why casters and ranged fighters should stay out of melee. The party downed a couple more marines in the exchange, but Sindar fell unconscious in the barrage of blows just as Zayn regained her feet. The group was staying just ahead in the body count, but the raw numbers still greatly favored the marines. For his efforts to get Sindar back to his feet, Finn found himself the focus of the marines’ efforts, and fell next under the onslaught as Tarsus finished off another of the archers. Tarsus called out for the party to disengage, and they fell into a controlled retreat, jamming a healing elixir into Finn to get him up and moving. As he tried to hold the line for his comrades, Tarsus was beaten down and captured. The remainder of the party pulled back into the woods to regroup, heal up as best they could, and discuss a rescue plan. Common sense dictated one course of action, but the prevailing sentiment of “what would Tarsus do if it was one of us” ruled the day. The party rushed headlong into a renewed assault on the camp.

Inside the largest of the tents, the remaining marines began to tie up the unconscious Tarsus. As noise from the new attack arose outside, his guards did the only thing they could do. Turning their back on this armored behemoth was an obvious mistake. One of guards pulled a blade and slit the man’s throat in a quick, practiced swipe as they prepared to counter the rest of the party. Outside, Zayn and Sindar threw absolutely every bit of violence they could muster at the marines, surprising them with the viciousness of the assault. Two marines fell quickly as Finn rushed to the tent. He knew that Tarsus wouldn’t have long, and might already be dead. In a purely technical sense, he was right. Tarsus was dead, but his soul had not left just yet. Without regard for his own safety, and with literally not a moment left to spare, Finn rounded the corner and flung his holy magic at Tarsus’ body, still falling sideways from a kneeling position to the ground.

Tarsus hit the ground unconscious, but alive. A few seconds later, he opened his eyes again, unsure of why the Hall of Heroes looked so much like the place he had just left. Pain wracking his body and the yells of his party brought realization to him, and he rose again. Dervish pressed itself into his hand as he swung at the marine that had cut his throat, and the man’s head came free of his shoulders. Outside, Sindar and Zayn chewed through their limited resources, felling one man after another. The marines finally regrouped outside the tent, but the battle was much more even by that point. Both sides paid dearly for the next few seconds of fighting, but the final few marines surrendered in the end. The severely battered party manacled their new prisoners and searched the camp for intelligence. They found a few useful bits, but relied heavily on questioning the senior prisoner, a cleric. He provided key information on what might prove to be new hope regarding Haralin. It had defenses the Empire occupiers did not yet understand how to activate, which sounded very much like the arcane “core” and defenses their own citadel had. If they could beat the Empire to these systems and use them first, they might turn the city itself against the Black Fleet.

As the party discussed the wisdom of staying here to recuperate versus moving into the woods, and what that might mean for their prisoners, the air nearby darkened at the arrival of their compunctious ally, Talia. Having scouted the city somewhat, she had a plan to get close to the commander of the garrison there, whose assassination would hopefully throw the occupiers into disarray long enough to gain a foothold there. At its core, her plan involved the party masquerading as escorts for an Imperial diplomatic envoy carrying orders for the fleet admiral from the Imperial Banner Hall. Talia would pretend to be the dead envoy (hardly a difficult feat for a vampire), and she would give the party a solid enough story to get close to the garrison commander, claiming her original message was for his ears only. Then she would attack, and the party would be free to accomplish their own goals inside the city.

The story closed with much discussion about the merits and costs of assassination as a combat tactic, and the party eventually agreeing that this might be the only realistic way to keep their promise to Blue and deal a significant blow to the occupation forces.

The Vote

The vote has been tabled in the Asad while missing delegates are searched for and rescued. An automatic procedural clock of 60 days started when they went missing, with 12 days now remaining before the delegates are declared dead and replaced.

The Black Fleet has been spotted in Riyaqan waters, moving east along the southern coast. A secret Imperial occupation of Riyaqan territory has been discovered!

Quote of the Day

Session 32
When injustice becomes law...

Our story opened with the damaged frigate slipping past the Anarchy, both ships having fired their bearing guns just before the pass in old sea tradition. Onboard, the party came to grips with the message Arndt had just sent, and wondered at the identity of the shrouded figure they could see on his weatherdeck through the spyglass. In short order, as the frigate and its escorts retreated, the Vengeance came alongside the Anarchy, bringing the party aboard by small boat.

Once there, the group greeted Arndt and caught up for a bit with him and his crew before turning their attention to the shrouded figure waiting in the captain’s cabin. She introduced herself as Talia Carsindan, former paladin and descendant of Arturo Ducet, now fallen from grace and among the most powerful of Ducet’s followers- and the namesake of Talia’s Vengeance. Though her very presence put some of the party on edge, they group found her more agreeable and forthcoming with information than Ducet had ever been. In their conversation, she told them a bit about her history and her work alongside Ducet (whom she somewhat creepily refers to as “Father”). She informed the party that her interest was piqued with Finn’s communication to Arndt about their plans- she had been aboard several days at that point, seeking a way through the Black Fleet perimeter and get enough information about the commander in Haralin to target and remove him, per “Father’s” wishes. And thus, she offered a partnership. They breach the shore together, then go their separate ways. She would help the party as it suited her plans, but her goal was only to kill the commander of forces ashore in Haralin, and make it messy and terrifying. Once the party agreed, Talia hired Thuli and the Anarchy on temporarily to help with the plan, and they waited for darkness.

Having moved along the shore a good distance from the scene of the battle, their ship made for a wide cove as the last vestiges of sunlight slipped from the sky. A rowboat transferred them a short way before they moved farther on their own. Moving closer, they spotted two watchposts close enough to have a chance to make them out as they moved through the surf. Using a series of spells, the party slipped undetected between the watchposts and up the short, rocky cliff that formed a natural barrier between the beach and the island beyond. As they made their way farther inland, they spotted a disturbance at one of the posts as what could only be Talia attacked the guard there and disappeared into the night. Discretion being the better part of valor, they moved quickly to put distance between themselves and the confused sentry or possibly dead body that would soon be discovered there. Consulting their rudimentary map, the party decided to head for the road on the far side of the island and use that to proceed south toward the city. After a safe distance had been covered and they were thoroughly embedded in the wild spaces of the island, the group settled in to camp for the night.

During the night, whistling sounds from far away in the south could be heard on the air, but were not easily assignable to any particular source. As day broke, Zayn summoned horses to speed the party’s advance across the island. Much of the first day of travel, both overland and on the road, was uneventful. At one point, Tarsus inadvertently sprang a trap left in the road, taking bad cuts along with a little bruising to his ego, but nothing life-threatening. The trap consisted of a smattering of small blades and used a drawn sapling to provide spring energy- it seemed to have been set quickly with few materials, but was nonetheless effective at convincing the group to travel more carefully. Camp that night went peacefully, all things considered, with only more mysterious noises in the night from far away south.

On the second day, travel along the road was going smoothly until the group came upon a small marine scout patrol. Trying to assert their way past the patrol, the group’s efforts were firmly rebuffed by the leader. He barely got out a direct ultimatum when Sindar and Tarsus both attacked him. The patrol’s two archers were ready for the attack, and returned fire immediately. A lot of blood was spilled in a short time, but the group came out decidedly on top, with only the patrol’s leader left alive. The group questioned him, and he remained uncooperative, but professional. Deciding against more of a body trail, the party knocked him out and left him as they proceeded south. Moving off the road slightly, they traded some movement speed for increased safety from other patrols. It took several more hours to reach their first goal, the village of Sado, where they hoped to check on the locals and perhaps gain some intel on the marines. Instead, they found only death.

It seemed the entire village had been massacred. A shallow mass grave was filled with the bodies of the former inhabitants, covered over with lime chalk. The village had been pillaged and stripped of valuables, as well. Swallowing their disgust, the party took what time they could to deal with proper funeral rights before moving on. Two hours later, they came upon the nearby village of Berin. There, the scene in Sado was repeated with stark efficiency. It seemed that the Black Fleet took their motto very seriously- “Clear the way”, indeed. The only difference in Berin was that the mass grave was slightly outside of town, near a scene that looked like the villagers had tried to form a defensive line with whatever they had for weapons. After the same routine as they had taken in Sado, the party moved on again.

After several more hours, they came to Hoppis, a small hamlet carved into the rock of the low hilly range that marked the island’s west shore at this latitude. And again, they were greeted only by a long, shallow ditch full of dead bodies covered in lime to mask the smell. After doing what they could for the lost souls of this village, the group decided to bunker up in one of the stone slab buildings and rest for the night. Setting out the next morning, they made quickly for Haralin. Part way through the day, the group came upon a strange patch of road, only to discover immediately that it concealed a fire trap that was lit by a nearby archer. As soon as the searing arrow was away from his bow, he ran into the woods. Pushing through the mediocre damage of the trap, the party gave chase. Seconds later, the real trap was sprung as more archers revealed themselves from elevated positions when the party chased their prey into a gully. Scout marines with swords rushed the party at the same time, and the fight was on.

These soldiers were not looking for prisoners, opening up with a flurry of slaying arrows meant to kill lesser foes outright. The party responded in kind, but the superior position of the archers began taking its toll in a hurry. Finn did his level best to keep everyone on their feet, but some members of the party came very close to collapsing. Tarsus left an impressive trail of dead melee fights as he worked his way across the battlefield, but only stayed standing due to a last-second heroic intervention from Finn. This perceived weakness baited some of the remaining archers to abandon advantageous positions for better killshots, and Sindar and Zayn capitalized on the mistake, wiping out the remaining marines. Searching corpses, they found written orders to kill Sindar and capture Tarsus. It seemed they party had probably not found everyone from that earlier scout patrol, after all. Someone had make it back ahead of them to report in, and it was unlikely to be the nearly crippled sergeant they left behind.

Deciding they were a little too light on intel to proceed safely, Finn used a Speak with Dead spell on one of the dead soldiers to try an glean some information. He learned the names of the overall commander of Imperial forces in Haralin, as well as the scout commander that penned the orders they had found. Finn further discovered a few key tidbits about the details of the wall defenses of the inland sides of Haralin.

Our story closed as the group removed what useful things they could find before burying the soldiers’ bodies and moving on.

The Vote

The vote has been tabled in the Asad while missing delegates are searched for and rescued. An automatic procedural clock of 60 days started when they went missing, with 12 days now remaining before the delegates are declared dead and replaced.

The Black Fleet has been spotted in Riyaqan waters, moving east along the southern coast.

Quote of the Day

“I have only visceral objections to consensual polymorphed bestiality.” -Tarsus

Session 30.5 & 31
Each of us is born twice

Our story opened with the party aboard the Anarchy as it transported them north through the Straits of Haralin, under the command of Thuli Black. Picking their way slowly to avoid being sighted, it looked like they were making good progress. Soon, things took a turn for the worse as a flotilla of small ships came into view from the north. At first traveling in a line, they quickly began to spread out as they spotted the Anarchy. A look through the spyglass confirmed the party’s fears. This was an interceptor squadron from the Black Fleet.

Anarchy had time to prepare, but with a half-strength crew, there would be no escape without at least crippling the lead corvettes. As the first pair closed within range, Thuli Black and his crew surprised them with some unusual maneuvers and skilled firing, sinking both ships quickly while taking only minor damage in return. All the while, several members of the party pulled out every trick they could think of to confound and disrupt the tactics of the interceptor flotilla. Alerted to the danger of their quarry, the remaining ships redeployed to bracket the Anarchy and deny it the use of an entire gun battery. She simply could not fire fast enough to keep the smaller ships from swarming her, and the party could only lock down so many of the vessels at one time. Within a few minutes, the first corvette slammed alongside to deliver boarders to the Anarchy’s decks.

The fleet marines storming over the rail were tough, but would prove to be no match for the party if they could not muster more numbers on deck, and quickly. Another corvette risked closing quickly to aid the marines storming the Anarchy, and made it through, shredding wood from the surface of both vessels as they scrubbed alongside and disgorged more men to the deck. Now, with enough people on the Anarchy to completely consume the party’s attention, the remaining corvettes began to close more quickly. The next two groups of boarders split their compliment between storming the weatherdeck and climbing through gunports onto the Anarchy’s gundeck, prompting the battery officers to close the gunports and fight at close quarters inside the ship.

Now completely unopposed, the remaining corvettes dove in at the Anarchy. Within another minute, the deck of the ship was littered with bodies being trampled by more marines vaulting aboard. In the distance, a large frigate grew in size as it bore down on the swarmed Anarchy. As it closed, its most potent weapon entered the fray. Just as the party seemed to be getting the upper hand and started thinning out the marines on deck, the weather-mage from the frigate teleported himself into the fray and attacked the party directly- and he was not to be taken lightly. Ice storms and lightning bolts ripped across the deck of the ship as the man floated leisurely on the wind gusting across the deck. In short order, he overwhelmed the already exhausted group trying to defend Anarchy’s deck. One by one, the party succumbed to oblivion until only Tarsus remained. Most of the marines were out of action, as well. The weather-mage suffered many of his defenses to be stripped away, but still had a large pool of magical power left to draw upon before he lost his strength. Eschewing direct confrontation with the armored behemoth before him, he began to summon bearded devils to finish the job for him. Tarsus lost consciousness as a final strike of lightning descended upon him at the same time as the devil pounced.

Strangely, he did not fall, though he felt his soul being whisked from his body. All around him, Tarsus saw the world continue to go by in painfully slow motion, with seconds stretched into minutes. A radiant figure strode across the deck toward him, taking his hand and pulling him free of the last vestige of corporeality. He watched as the man did the same to Finn, and brought the two of them closer together. He introduced himself as a herald of heroes, all but confirming that he was some agent of rustum. Shimmering wings trailed behind him as he surveyed the carnage on deck. The angelic figure told them both that he was there to take them to the hall of heroes, if that was their wish- they had certainly earned their place there for loyal service and unending heroism. “Of course,” he said, “I am permitted to intervene occasionally, in the interests of a champion of my liege.”

Tarsus told the man he was not yet finished with what he had been charged to accomplish, and could not happily go to the hall of heroes. Asked what he preferred, Finn agreed. In response, the shimmering man said he could return them, or at least something like them, to life. He commended Finn on his stalwart representation of Rustum’s tenets, calling him a rarity among priests. Turning to Tarsus, the man said that what Tarsus once was must die today, but that if Tarsus agreed to take a knee, a true champion of Rustum would be reborn. The pair asked after the rest of their party. Ordinarily, they would be excluded from such second chances, but the herald would consider extending the deal to them if a sacrifice were offered. He took special interest in the unconscious form of Nanda, and noted that whomever they offered would not be killed outright, but would have to journey through trials meant to redeem them in Rustum’s eyes. Reluctantly, the pair offered Nanda to the herald, and the bargain was sealed.

A moment later, they found themselves in painfully familiar surroundings as the second wave of marines leapt the gunwales of the Anarchy’s weather deck. The frigate still closed in the distance, but was further away than it had been. The weather-mage was nowhere to be seen. Nanda was gone, but the rest of the party was on their feet and fighting as if the last minute had never happened. Tarsus glanced down as Dervish seemed to vibrate in his hand now, responding to the power newly invested in him. Sindar felt mostly unchanged, but refreshed and newly focused on skills he’d always wished he’d spent more time on. Finn was in much the same shape as Sindar. Zayn fond herself nearly completely reborn- the subtle magic that had once allowed her to insinuate herself into the minds of others had been replaced by raw, surging power… and a powerful urge to unleash it.

Momentarily, the group realized the weather-mage was still on the Anarchy, but was hidden from view behind the fore mast. They leapt to the offensive as renewed marines streamed aboard. Their resources and energy restored to them, the party tore quickly through the encroaching marines. Zayn obliterated groups at a time as Tarsus left a trail of bodies in a line that pointed toward the attacking mage. Already, the mage was losing defensive measures to a combined assault from Sindar’s bombs and Finn’s spells. This time, the group was ready. This time, they had become sharpened instruments of divine purpose. This time, the mage died in less than 20 seconds.

The assault on Anarchy broken, the group rushed below to see what had held up the guns from firing on the corvettes, only then discovering that a few marines had entered the gun deck. Even that small number had done serious damage below decks, but only one remained alive by the time the party went below. As he set himself in a defensive stance in a doorway, ready to receive their attack, a long, thin blade slid through his belly from the back, then disappeared and reemerged in a different spot. Sputtering blood, the man fell and revealed a wide-eyed Kando behind him- a wild look in his eyes and bloody blade in his hands. Finn dealt first with triage and aid, saving those he could, and then with calming Kando. Calls from the deck sent the party running back upstairs.

Outside, the frigate and its remaining escorts moved to widen the gap back out to long gun range, where the frigate had the advantage. It found its flanks cut off just then, however, by an approaching ragtag fleet of ships, some of which struck imperial colors just before firing a devastating opening salvo at the frigate that stripped away entire sections of rigging. The ship leading the new fleet looked familiar, and a quick check through the spyglass confirmed it to be the Talia’s Vengeance, still under the command of Arndt Jungson- except now he had a fleet. Pressing the surprise, the fleet encouraged the frigate to escape rather than fight. After a wary close pass to slip by the Anarchy, it did just that.

Still within sight of the escaping frigate and its escort ships, our story closed as Arndt sent a coded flag message in an attempt to bring the group and their ship up to speed: “Haralin not taken by cult. False flag by Empire.”

The Vote

The vote has been tabled in the Asad while missing delegates are searched for and rescued. An automatic procedural clock of 60 days started when they went missing, with 14 days now remaining before the delegates are declared dead and replaced.

The Black Fleet has been spotted in Riyaqan waters, moving east along the southern coast.

Quote of the Day

“I’m going to put both of my balls on him.” -Zayn

Session 30
The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men...

The session opened with the party making cautious progress toward Gol Asad’s public markets for the more wealthy citizens- those that could afford enchanted goods made by master craftsmen. When they were nearly to the market, Finn spotted a woman following them at a distance. Contriving a circumstance to duck into a shop without raising their pursuer’s suspicions, the group discussed their options, and decided on a plan to take the woman alive and interrogate her. Upon leaving the shop to put their plan into action, the woman was nowhere to be found. The party moved on to their objective after a short search and a bit of a waiting game to see if she might resurface.

At the market, the group fairly easily found shops to purchase most of what they wanted to rid themselves of, and were able to procure most of what they sought. A particular dealer named Muslata drew their interest, and he took a liking to the party, even offering Finn an enchanted ring he sought for a deep discount as long as he promised to “put in a good word” with Rustum.

While most of the group conducted their business at market, Sindar decided to visit his guild office in the Imperial Consulate to check in and drop off reports. He then returned secretly to the Asad to delve deeper into what precisely Ducet was doing to people there. He discovered, and later related to the group, that Ducet was using very powerful spells to quickly, and legitimately, heal large numbers of victims. The value of the materials he was chewing through to do this was almost absurd, but there was little room to doubt the effectiveness of his work. In his conversation with Ducet, Sindar discovered that the thing they saw in their encounter with Sadeesh was likely Sayoni herself, or at least his vision of her. Something they did forced her to reassert her control over him, resulting in the apparition they saw. Ducet knows that Sayoni has essentially dominated Sadeesh, but warned against feeling sorry for him or trying to spare him. He was bloodthirsty and bent on punishing Riyaqans that worked with the Empire before he ever came across Sayoni. She has merely given him the tools to do what he already wanted to do, but won’t risk his disobedience. She had originally shown him a way to create a body she could inhabit that would not die, and he had misinterpreted her instructions as showing him a way to kill tens of thousands of people.

Back at the Lacy Death, some strategic discussions took place on what to do next, given all the information at their disposal. Finn communicated with Arndt via a Sending spell, who was underway at sea aboard Talia’s Vengeance. Telling Arndt that Blue was likely captured and held in Haralin’s harbor, he asked for Arndt’s help. Arndt replied that he was tailing the Black Fleet near Hansen, and had seen evidence of a small troop landing there. He would continue in their direction. After resting a bit, the group headed out in the darkness to make a meeting with a local smuggler that had been arranged by Dezil.

Some theatrics involving lightning left the group wondering if Dezil was a resourceful wizard, had simply played a trick on them, or could somehow see the future. Whatever the explanation, they found their meeting place, and so did the pirate meeting them: Thuli Black, known in these waters as the “Sargasso Devil”. After explaining to Thuli where they wanted to be taken, and what they were trying to accomplish, Thuli initially balked at the risk involved. Some quick words from the party convinced him to try, and he agreed to a deal in the end: if the party agreed to disable and open the harbor gates in Haralin to allow his men to get at the ships impounded there, he would transport them to a safe drop-off near the city and give them what help he could. With the deal made, the group returned to the city to rest for the night and wrap up loose ends.

Back at the Lacy Death, the Broker filled the party in on his progress tracking the materials they had identified. He had found no large-scale viridium market, but had learned that the only mine still in operation was within lands controlled by the Garonokka dune giants, who were mostly immune to its effects. No information at all had been found yet concerning wyroot. The remaining materials were being bought in easily tracked quantities from a number of locations, but a network of merchants had helped him track a number of proxy orders back to the Khasif city of Nadju. He was still in the process of learning more specifics.

Shortly after this brief meeting, Ugess arrived from Sevir’s Hill at the party’s request. She was able to shed more light on the specific nature of the cursed skull artifacts they party had recovered from the Tulesti estate. They were cursed in this plane because they were party of a blessed ossuary in the Shadowfell. She would need to research methods to dispose of them safely. Asked about the penchant the estate had for plane-shifting to the Shadowfell, Ugess discussed her collected knowledge of the lost engineers of Riyaqa and the guardian cores they had built, believing the Tulesti estate had one such core. The inter-planar nature of the cores made it exceedingly difficult to manipulate them, and much more research would be needed to determine if theirs could be “unhitched” from the Shadowfell. Finally, she revealed some new results on the page they had originally brought to her many weeks ago. She had deciphered the symbols in context, and now believed they had seemed odd to her because they were actually describing an enchanted prison, not a warded tomb. Whomever had annotated the page believed the prison contained the essence of Mahari, the desert goddess.

Resting for the night at the inn, the group was preparing to leave the following morning when a group of rough-looking gentlemen downstairs caught their attention. Questioning the men as to their intentions, the party found out they were thugs sent to rough up an employee of the inn, or collect the money he owed, “however he wants to handle this.” Unappreciative of someone waiting to beat up an employee of Tabina (who had so far been incredibly accommodating of the group), Tarsus decided to stick his dick into the proceedings and start a fight in the inn. The men sprang to their feet, drew weapons, and countered. Alas, the party significantly overmatched them, and within a few seconds one man was badly hurt and another dead- pulled back from the brink only by quick action from Finn. Dezil burst into the room from his upstairs office, bringing a halt to the confrontation as Finn channeled to heal everyone involved. Dispassionately, Dezil banned everyone from the premises for the next 24 hours, on pain of being used as his Baleful Polymorph practice dummy. The party was fine with this, as they had a boat to catch.

The trip out of town was uneventful, and the party met up quickly with Thuli and his gun cruiser, the Anarchy. They noted as they boarded that the ship was lightly crewed for its size, and Thuli explained he was a bit between full crews at the moment. As the rest of the day passed, the group sent messages to a few people to keep them abreast of events. They asked Arastea Gomesh to tell Willie to hurry with his modifications to SeaChild, as the ship might be needed very soon. They told Blue they were coming to get him, and to be ready. They informed Arndt of their plans to infiltrate Haralin, and asked him to find a way to help or stay clear of the place. Finally, recalling that Ambo Dubash in Herlish had had contact with Wils (the original courier of the book the mysterious page had come from), Finn sent a Sending message to him to inquire after the source of the book. Brother Dubash informed him that Wils admitted to stealing it from someone named Arastea, and that she had been a powerful warrior and a good tracker. Wils had been in a hurry to get it back to his employer, but Ambo knew no more than that.

The story drew to a close alongside the party’s first day aboard the Anarchy as it slipped north through the Haralin Straits.

The Vote

The vote has been tabled in the Asad while missing delegates are searched for and rescued. An automatic procedural clock of 60 days started when they went missing, with 15 days now remaining before the delegates are declared dead and replaced.

The Black Fleet has been spotted in Riyaqan waters, moving east along the southern coast.

Quote of the Day

Session 29
Fake it 'til you make it

Our story opened as the party wrapped up with what they could do to help survivors of the attack upstairs, eventually deciding that they had a moral imperative to check in on what Lord Ducet was up to in the remnants of the main dining hall. Upon arrival, they found themselves turned away by mages guarding his endeavors. The mages wore cloaks of varying design and color, but all emblazoned with the unmistakable 9-pointed star of the Grand Council. Firmly denied entry by the army of mages, the group decided to visit the Speaker’s office to get some answers. A later visit back to this hall would uncover that Ducet was using some complex chain of spells that began with infecting the afflicted with vampirism to render them immune to the toxin, then somehow removing the vampirism, en masse.

Sitting with Raha Delina, the party learned that the Gol Asad docks and a few other key areas of the city had been hit at the same time as the Asad with more of the gas bombs. Efforts were underway to isolate the contaminated people and help them, if possible. Then he told them about the attack on Haralin. It had been different in nature than the others. While there was strong evidence from escapees that the Children of Ahriman had led the attack, it was a military occupation, not a gas attack. With their successful surprise attack, the cult now held the most powerful and prolific shipyard and naval dock on the continent. While it was doubtful they could put it to full use for a while, it’s loss would be crippling over the long term, especially if Riyaqa found itself facing a war with the Empire. To worsen the news, there was now very good reason to go hat in hand to the Khasif delegation, as the Khasif Kingdom now held the most powerful shipyard ostensibly under Asad control. With a lot to process, the party found bunks for a few hours after Delina told them an emergency session had been called for that evening.

At the emergency session of the Asad, Delina wasted no time in getting to the point. Seated as his guests in the floor gallery, the party looked on as he made the case for unifying their respective militaries to declare war on the CoA, take back Haralin by force, and hunt down and exterminate the cult and their leaders. As members of the house expressed disbelief at some of Delina’s accounts of previous gas attacks, he asked a member of the party to step up and present evidence. Zayn approached the podium, and relayed a selective transcript of the party’s many run-ins with the cult and the results of their attacks. A clear first hand account from such an influential voice seemed to carry weight as quiet discussion broke out among known blocs of delegates.

A woman at the back rose from her seat, striding forward in a formal request for the floor, which the Speaker acquiesced. She introduced herself as Ahti Ato, representative of the disparate Mah Hari tribes of the desert, though mostly a figurehead. She publicly told the assembly of the many people in the desert flocking toward a new settlement that has sprung up, and that she now knows the purpose of that settlement and its leaders. Having learned that the woman speaking was representing the long-thought-dead House Tulesti, she wished finally to name the sovereign to which she would bind her representation. Recognizing the formality and seriousness of her announcement, Speaker Delina took up the script and asked her to enter her claim into the record. She claimed for House Tulesti. And just like that, the scam they had concocted with the Speaker to get access to the Asad became very real.

A recess was immediately called, there now being a representative on the floor that still needed to confer with her sovereign before casting a vote. Delina offered his office for their meeting, and left them alone. Ahti Ato convinced the party of her sincerity, then briefed Zayn and the others on the political maneuvering she expects to unfold shortly, and gained approval on her plans to deal with some of it. As a final order of business for their first meeting, she asked what the name of their new, yet tiny, capital should be. Preferring to harken to the older desert traditions, they chose the name “Tulesa.” A few hours later, the vote proceeded to the expected result: WAR.

Trying to get word of this development to allies abroad through the use of Sending spells, Finn discovered that Blue, and likely the entire Gyredancer, had been captured in the raid on Haralin and was now in chains. With the docks compromised, there was no other quick way available out of Gol Asad. Finn asked G121 to take him to the remains of the attackers, so that he might use some more disturbing magic to get some answers. Arriving in the morgue and locating the bodies, Finn applied Speak with Dead to learn what they might know about Sadeesh and his plans. The cryptic answers he received indicated a possibility that Sadeesh might be so hard to locate because he usually resided in the Shadowfell. Asked how to locate him there, the corpse responded with a wide grin, “die to a black blade.” Upon further discussion, the party decided they needed to know more about Sadeesh and the eerie shadow entity that briefly appeared during their encounter with him. They came up with only one name that might present significant insight without a heavy price attached- Ugess, the former Order of Alhena priest that had deciphered the original page for them when this all started. As Finn was not familiar with her, he could not reach her with Sending. They would need more mundane help. The party left the Asad, and headed for the Lacy Death.

Arriving, they found the former site of the inn burned to the ground, the rubble still mostly undisturbed. A few questions to passersby pointed them to the nearby, new location of the inn. It still ran under the direction of the same proprietress, Tabina Karouk. After getting seated in the main room, the party eventually gained as audience with Tabina, who took them to a private dining room. She greeted them, provided the party with accommodations, and caught up with them for a bit. Tabina explained that she had ordered the old location destroyed after learning what was beneath it, and they were starting over here, in a somewhat smaller building. The group asked if she could put them in touch with “the Broker” Dezil Calish. He arrived to speak with them a short time later, revealing that he had been waiting to meet them and a wealthy patron had already hired him to assist the party. They made a number of requests for information, which he dutifully noted. Dezil agreed to make contact with Ugess and attempt to provide passage for her into the city. He also agreed to set up a meeting with someone who could transport them quickly and quietly to wherever they needed to go, but didn’t have a habit of asking too many questions.

Dezil discussed with the group what they each knew about the toxin being used and its delivery method. They wanted to track the toxin’s origin to locate the CoA, but were at a dead end. He offered use of a laboratory for Sindar to analyze the compound and try to determine some components that Dezil might track through bookkeeping records. Sindar and Tarsus left for the Sourgrounds slums to take him up on the offer. Meanwhile, after discussing their new method to heal some people of the toxin’s affliction, Dezil gave Finn a lead on another healer working at the docks that was desperately in need of such things. Finn and the remainder of the group went to see him.

Arriving at the docks, Finn located Jano Vativa behind a wall of guards, tending to patients and barking orders for supplies. Explaining his method, Finn settled in to provide as much blood as possible, and heal himself through the ordeal, while the party watched over him and his surroundings. By late morning, Vativa had used samples of Finn’s blood to determine a good minimum dose needed and cure a number of people. Of course, some did die in the attempt, but Jano had some success at improving the odds of survival.

At the lab, Sindar managed to isolate a number of ingredients in the compounds of the toxin. After they returned this information to Dezil, the diminutive man got to work. He also discussed the impending danger of the Black Fleet with them, making the party aware that his information indicated the fleet had split weeks ago, sending a contingent to Khasif waters while the main fleet circled south toward Gol Asad. A number of potential outcomes arose from this development, and few of them were good. While Dezil was able to theorize as to supply sources to investigate for some of the compounds he was at a loss for some, as they were just too common. Hoping for some help, Zayn used a Sending spell to contact Robert Pinan, a primary designer of the compound who was now in hiding at Chamber Valley. He identified a compound in the accelerant as uliun. With a single rare component of the toxin identified as wyroot, and a rare component in the accelerant identified as uliun, Dezil felt it was now just a matter of checking records and greasing a few palms to find the place where requests for these items converged.

The story closed as a hopeful party turned in for some well-earned rest, and pondered a trip to the market in the morning.

The Vote

The vote has been tabled in the Asad while missing delegates are searched for and rescued. An automatic procedural clock of 60 days started when they went missing, with 18 days now remaining before the delegates are declared dead and replaced.

The Asad has just voted to go to war with the Children of Ahriman in an emergency session.

The Black Fleet has been spotted in Riyaqan waters, moving east along the southern coast.

Quote of the Day

Session 28
Desperate measures

The story opened with Sindar facing off alone with the reviled Sadeesh, both men slightly panicked at how long it might take their reinforcements to arrive. In the opening moments of the battle, Sindar struck quickly by shattering a vial of whatever filth was at hand across Sadeesh’s rather expensive robes. Sadeesh responded by encasing Sindar in a block of ice and retreating to invisibility somewhere in the room full of barrels. As seconds ticked by, the rest of the party arrived outside the room and were greeted by a mass of black tentacles wriggling out of the stone floor near the doorway. Braving and/or finding a way around the tentacles, the party eventually stole into the room.

Freeing Sindar as they went, the group posted up near the front of the room and waited for Sadeesh to make a move. Zayn began looking around the room for an invisible opponent, but could not locate the man. Had he seen what she had done, and simply hid, even though he was invisible? The answer to that question came in the form of a flame strike on the party, coinciding with Sadeesh’s backup arriving in the form of two cultists. The attack came in response to the party discovering that not all the barrels in this room had divination triggers- the massive bomb in this room could be relatively easily disarmed, now that it had been discovered. One of the cultists threw Chains of Perdition at Tarsus, trying to bind his defenses to allow the other to get stabbity with him. The rest of the party did their level best to make nuisances of themselves to disrupt this attack, and the pair eventually shifted their focus to Zayn in order to shut down her mental meddling. Nanda arrived in the room, having started off by covering the exits from the outside in case Sadeesh made a break for it. Briefed quickly by the party, she went to work trying to open and disarm barrels.

As the melee moved around the room, Zayn, Sindar, and Finn all found themselves in a tight spot with the two cultists, fighting a fast-moving battle of blood loss until someone went down. Sadeesh capitalized on the opportunity, demonstrating a willingness to attack his own men if it meant disposing of the party. A lighting bolt ripped through the room, severely wounding several of the combatants, including one of the cultists. With the blade-wielding cultist at their backs, things were looking bleak as Zayn died outright from her wounds. Moving quickly, Finn yanked her departing spirit back into the fight with a breath of life, then flooded the area with healing power to get his comrades back on their feet. Sindar managed a lucky grab at the unholy symbol one of the cultists used as a power focus right after he had released a burst of negative energy, and eventually downed the cleric with a well-placed vial of acid after being knocked to the floor himself. Moments after one cultist died, the other went down as well.

Focusing on Sadeesh, the party began trying to strip away his many layers of magical defenses. Sindar ran himself dry of dispelling bombs whittling away spells one by one. At one point, Sadeesh stopped fighting when Sindar hit him with a dispelling bomb. He seemed disoriented for a moment, with no recognition in his eyes. A second later, a shadowy, demonic figure appeared in the room. It did not attack the party directly, nor respond to anything directed at it. It simply focused on Sadeesh, whispering to him. Moments later, Sadeesh was back to fighting, and the creature was simply gone.

Two of the guardian G units arrived presently at the room. The party pleaded with them not to sound the alarm, believing the remaining triggers to be linked to the sound of the bells far overhead in the towers. After all, why would the GM plop you down right beside them during your extradimensional escape if they weren’t going to be important later in the story? Bit of a Chekov’s Gun violation, I should think. The party asked the G units to use their control of dimensional pockets of Mechanus to help get rid of the trigger barrels, instead of going to sound the alarm. Unsure of which course of action to take, the G units elected to do both. One stayed with the PCs to follow their directions, while the other beat feet for the alarm rope.

As Nanda tore through barrels, flinging the lids outside the room where they could not trigger the explosive toxins inside, Sadeesh changed tactics and moved to protect the last barrel. Throwing up a wall of force between the barrel and the party, he sat down calmly, safe behind the wall as he awaited the eventual trigger. Moments later, ome unknown thing caught his attention as the group battered harmlessly on the outside of the force wall. Rising to his feet, he offered a dismissive salutation as he opened a portal to some other place and stepped through. The wall of force collapsed, and the party descended on the last barrel with a trigger. At the last moment, Nanda pulled the lid free, whipping it in a wide arc and tossing it through the door into the hallway beyond. Intent on securing the room, Sindar moved to the open door to close it, only to see Sadeesh standing in the hallway, trappen barrel lid in hand. He flung it at the door as the massive tower alarm bells started their rumbling gongs high overhead. Sindar had only enough time to slam the heavy doors shut as the lid sailed toward him, but not enough time to get away from the doors. Tarsus pulled shut the doors at the other end of the room to block the explosion of the one lid thrown out that exit. The doors rattled hard on their hinges, but held fast. At Sindar’s end of the room, the many lids thrown into the hallway there multiplied the force considerably. The doors buckled, then exploded into the room under the force of the blast. Standing right in the front of the doors to hold them closed, Sindar was caught fully in the explosion and flung backwards into the room, his unconscious and splinter-riddled body sliding to a stop a full twenty feet from the doorway.

Finn quickly brought Sindar back to consciousness, though maybe a bit more deaf than before. It was another full minute before guardians began to arrive en masse, securing the room and its contents. G121 arrived shortly, updating the party on what had happened elsewhere in the compound as he directed his fellows in safe disposal efforts. He informed the party of another massive explosion upstairs in a dining hall, and they asked him to take them to the scene. Shamblers could be rising already in the very center of the Asad! Upon arrival, they group saw many people injured or apparently killed in the initial blast. It seemed a trapped cask had been carted into the dining hall itself. Many more people were being held in the hall by guardians, and some of them already showed symptoms of infection. As the party was informing the guardians of the full measure of the danger here, Arturo Ducet arrived with a small retinue. He told the party they were needed elsewhere, and he would handle things here. Knowing what they did about Ducet, the party was more than a little reticent to leave vulnerable people in his “care”. After a bit of arguing, Finn secured agreement from the guardians present that they would safely store people not showing any symptoms in their pocket dimensional space as a quarantine method, vice allowing them to be butchered “just in case”. With that, they went to seek out Speaker Raha Delina.

They found the Speaker in his office, issuing emergency orders and sending runners every direction available from his crowded office. He took some relief in their arrival, informing the party that a few scattered devices went off throughout the complex, but the situation was controllable thanks in no small part to their efforts. One place that a device had been triggered was particularly sensitive- a caucus meeting of the Khasif Asadins and a few of their colleagues had been underway upstairs in a meeting room. Everyone in the room had come into contact with gas from a device that went off nearby them, including several serving staff. All of the Khasif delegation dying at the same time to something like this would be politically thorny at best, and a complete catastrophe at worst. The party asked to be allowed to see if they could formulate a way to save some of those exposed, and the Speaker agreed. A short time later, they were surveying a gruesome scene at the meeting rooms. A few people were killed immediately by the blast, but most were in varying states of exposure sickness, and all were contained in the room by guardians.

Getting to work quickly, the group tried several method, both magical and mundane, on a few test subjects with no changes to the progress of their illness. Triaging a few folks that were yet to show symptoms, Sindar and Finn asked several people to volunteer to have their blood drawn. They hoped that their blood could be compared to a sample of the toxin Sindar had, to determine if anyone was exposed from those who were asymptomatic. One of the Khasif delegation, Daso Enna, asked a lot of questions about what they were specifically looking for, but eventually allowed his blood to be taken. Curious about his curiosity, Sindar looked carefully at his blood and noted it was quite different-tasting from normal human blood, though it bore no signs of the toxin. The man bore some outward signs of half-elven heritage, but his blood was exotic even for a half-elf. Working on a hunch, Sindar asked Finn for a sample of his blood, now fully transformed by the change brought on by the Deck of Errant Destinies. The oddities matched in both samples. Daso Enna was a full-blooded elf, hiding in plain sight. His complete absence of any symptoms prompted another idea, which took a little convincing to get everyone to agree. Soon, Sindar was hard at work drawing blood from Finn, and injecting small amounts at a time into worsening victims. Over the next tense hours, most people began to recover, but a few died. Notably, those that died from the treatment stayed dead humans, not rising as shamblers. While it wasn’t perfect, it was better than the 100% death rate of the untreated toxin, and it was a good enough chance that everyone present wanted the treatment. The story closed as the party organized the sick by severity, Sindar counted how many jars he could fill with blood at once, and Finn did some mental math of how much of his own blood volume he could replace in the next few hours with what healing power he had left for the day. A dead elven cleric would do nobody any good at all.

The Vote

The vote has been tabled in the Asad while missing delegates are searched for and rescued. An automatic procedural clock of 60 days started when they went missing, with 20 days now remaining before the delegates are declared dead and replaced. The Black Fleet has been spotted in Riyaqan waters, moving south along the west coast.

Quote of the Day

Session 27
The last second

Our story opened with the party fleeing through extradimensional hallways beneath (?) the Asad, from pursuing clockwork soldiers. Ducking into a random room, they found that it was another chamber identical to the one they escaped earlier. Hoping to make the connection across planes, Finn cast Sending to commune with Nohan Lewala and ask for help. She told him there was little she could do from where she was, but that there was an escape room built in for diplomats that get trapped there. They had to pay attention to the markings at the intersections. Stepping back out into the hallway, the party spotted colored marks high at each intersection. Moving somewhat randomly through the halls, they began to deduce patterns through trial and error as the mechanical soldiers slowly closed in on them. Soon enough, they found themselves at a door with different markings from the rest. Plowing through, the group found a room with several pillars in it.

With the guards searching the hallways closing in by the second, the party searched the room, discovering clues to a puzzle designed into the escape mechanisms. Only re-arranging the fixtures in the room a certain way would open the way to escape. After losing precious time solving the puzzle, they completed the required steps and waited. Within a few seconds, the central pillar faded from view, revealing a chute in the floor beneath it. One by one, they dove through and escaped their pursuers. They immediately found themselves staring at a beautiful, large, and strikingly realistic map of the city of Gol Asad. THe rushing air and rapidly growing map forced the realization that this was no map. They were somehow falling through the sky, high above the Seconds later, with panic running through their heads, the party landed quite hard on the wooden platform at the top of one of the Asad’s bell towers. They were unhurt, aside from a few hairs out of place.

After descending the long ladder to the building below them, the group found themselves in a small room that used some sort of scrying effect to reveal the passers-by in the hallway outside. They deduced that it must be a safety measure to allow escapees to avoid running into trouble when leaving the room, and waited here a while to learn the rotation of the guardians patrolling the hallway and the normal dress of people in this part of the building. Working together, they arranged disguises for themselves that would at least hold up under passing inspection, and ventured out onto the upper library floor of the Asad. Stopping a low-ranking scribe for directions, the party learned the location of the offices of Asadin Lewala and set out.

Several floors below, the group came upon her offices and heard arguing inside. Breaking in on the argument, they discovered what appeared to be Lewala arguing with herself. Some very fast sleuthing identified the true Lewala, and the imposter attacked. The fight was short, but brutal. Not being prepared to take on an entire party of adventurers, the cultist fell. An uncomfortable conversation with Lewala yielded her suspicion that the guardians themselves may be compromised in a plot to replace members of the Asad and drive the upcoming historic vote a certain way. Finn decided to use a Speak with Dead spell to interrogate the corpse of the cultist. He discovered that the Children of Ahriman have been shipping gas bombs into the building for weeks, using a perceived weakness of the guardians to hide the plot from them. Although that seemed to exonerate the guardians, it was cold comfort in the face of the impending disaster. Lewala took the party with her to see Speaker Raha Delina, the leader of the voting body of the Asad.

Raha Delina’s office complex, just off the voting chamber itself, was protected not just by several pairs of clockwork guardians, but by an anti-magic field that spanned the entire entry hall. The group waited as Lewala brought him up to speed on everything that had happened, filling in details when asked. At something of a loss for what to do next in the face of such a dangerous enemy so close by, Delina asked for recommendations from the party, owing to their previous experience in dealing with the explosive gas barrels and the cult. They suggested he being vetting everyone remaining within the Asad by calling members to his office, forcing them to walk through the anti-magic field and lose any illusory disguises in the process. If anyone refused, the next course of action became obvious. Delina asked the party to begin a search for the explosives while he worked on figuring out who within the Asad could be trusted. Even if the guardians were not corrupted, they might still be monitored in some way by the cult.

During the course of conversation, Delina learned from the party that one of them was the heir apparent of the ancient Tulesti house, now rising from obscurity once again at its ancient estate. To assuage their doubt concerning Delina’s sincerity in asserting the importance of that resurgence, Delina privately revealed that the man they know as a politician was once a powerful priest of Rustum. He showed Finn the holy symbol he still keeps- it had undergone the same transformation into celestial crystal that had transformed Finn’s own holy symbol. To cement their partnership, and give the party the authority needed to wander the Asad alone, Delina summoned several courtiers and a handful of Asadins to his office, announcing a prospectus committee to admit a new voting member to the Asad to represent the newly reformed House Tulesti and the unclaimed desert territories it once held. The gathered members held a quick but formal vote, accepting the validity of the prospectus committee for House Tulesti. Delina made clear that this did not get them a vote on the floor just yet, but formally opened the process of inducting them, which would eventuate a vote on before the full assembly to accept House Tulesti as a ruling faction representing a population that deserved representation at the Asad. More immediately, it granted their retinue unfettered access to most non-private areas of the complex, allowing them to carry out their part of the plan.

As the room cleared, the party revealed that they had further complicating information about efforts to “adjust” the impending historic vote. They related to Delina their evidence that one of the currently missing delegates was someone they knew Arturo Ducet’s agents had “rescued” from an attack weeks ago. Incensed at this development, Delina took the party to a nearby chamber dotted with assemblies intended to facilitate communication. In moments, they were staring at the misty visage of the back of Ducet’s head as he addressed the Speaker. In a demanding tone, Delina informed Ducet his presence was required immediately to answer some disturbing allegations. When Ducet attempted to politely decline, Delina grew more upset, informing him that refusing the summons would jeopardize the Empire’s standing with the Riyaqan government. Ducet agreed to meet within the hour, and Delina sent the party on their way to find those bombs.

Delina sent one of his personal guards with the party, known as G121. As G121 led them to various locations around the complex, the party asked questions about stores and asked to see the wine storage, knowing that the cult had a practiced proficiency at using casks and wine butts to hide its necrotic concoction. While Sindar negotiated a sommelier showdown with the head butler of the kitchens, the rest of the party began searching barrels. Very quickly they began discovering the hidden bombs. Once the real mission was explained to it, G121 proved very helpful in disposing of the bombs, as it had the ability to move the discovered barrels into what it called an “intercog space” of Mechanus, where they would be held inert until they could be dealt with. Moving quickly between storage areas, the party found and removed barrel after barrel. Then they saw him- a man dressed in cook’s clothing that was paying a bit too much attention to what they were doing, and following them at a distance from area to area. Once he realized he had been seen, the man made a dash for it, triggering a chase through the halls of the complex. Through hallways and stairwells, both crowded and empty in various places, the man ran in desperation to reach some unknown goal.

Pushing hard, a couple of the party members managed to catch up and even push ahead of their quarry, culminating in Sindar tackling the slight man into a door he had been trying to get open. They tumbled into the room, and the cook came to his feet as Sindar realized the room was piled high with barrels that probably should not be here. The story closed as the cook shed his illusory disguise, revealing the familiar face of the man that had taunted them while they sat in jail cells in Herlish. It seemed they were getting their chance at Sadeesh, himself- leader of the Children of Ahriman.

The Vote

The vote has been tabled in the Asad while missing delegates are searched for and rescued. An automatic procedural clock of 60 days started when they went missing, with 21 days now remaining before the delegates are declared dead and replaced. The Black Fleet has been spotted in Riyaqan waters.

Quote of the Day

“It keeps getting bigger.” -Zayn, referring to Tarsus’ most prized possession.


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