Tag: Rustum


  • Finn's Prayers

    *Session 23* Rustum, I feel I have been given a gift with this new power, there is much good I can do. I feel like more than ever our mission must come first now, as we have grown in strength it seems new enemies have found their way into our path …

  • Barkqueem

    Hound archon and loyal servant of Rustum. [[:finn | Finn's]] favorite summoned creature.

  • Tarsus Thornbane

    Tarsus was part of a mercenary company at some point -- it sounds like they were sent to Riyaqa on some sort of contract. He's been working alone for at least a year or two, and he seems to get a bit sad when he talks about his mercenary work. It's not …

  • Finn Dennisen

    Finn, has always been a part of the church, for as long as he can remember anyway. As a child he thought it was overly strict and regimented, but as soon as he began to show signs of harnessing divine power he realized that all of the discipline meant …