History of Riyaqa

Riyaqa is a continent found just to the southeast of Collosa, and is about a third of Collosa’s size. Much of Riyaqa is covered in desert, with only the southeastern portion comprised of arable land. Most citizens of Riyaqan factions are humans of fairly dark complexion. Gnomes are also plentiful in the deep rainforest of the southeastern continent, and congregate freely in the cities and towns there. Scattered goblinoid settlements can be found in the desert wastes, though never far from food sources. Riyaqan society accepts limited slavery, and no races are exempt. There are some guarantees of treatment afforded to slaves.

Riyaqans vary from very dark brown skin to light mocha tones. Almost all have black hair, but maybe 5% have hair as light as a medium brown shade. Think Arabian peninsula, and you’re pretty close to the mark. Racial profiles range from Iranian/Persian to North African. Dark skin tones tend to be found in the north and the west, and the darkest are referred to as “Mahari”. The term is a modification of the ancient name of the massive desert that dominates the continent – the Mah Hari Sea.

There is not an equivalent term for lighter-skinned folks native to Riyaqa, although they are sometimes called “al lach” as an insult. “Al lach” (pronounced “al LOK”) loosely translates to “untrusted outsider” in the old desert language, and is properly reserved as a term for imperials in this land. In slang usage, it has come to mean something closer to “asshole white guy”.

Until the empire occupation, Riyaqa was ruled by a combined governing body known as the Asad. Representatives were selected to this body by the three principal factions of the land:

Outside of the various settlements controlled by each faction, the actual borders between their territories are fuzzy in the best of circumstances. Roads are controlled by agreements between the settlements they connect.

History of Riyaqa

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