Imperial Geographers' Guild


Founded in the year 2818ER, the Imperial Geographers’ Guild (commonly abbreviated IGG) is a joint venture between the Alhenan Empire and its many academic institutions. The organization’s primary purpose is gathering and cataloging all information available about Geosa, the world we all live in. To that end, IGG continuously recruits and trains bright young minds that have the curiosity needed to wander and find endless wonders, and the discipline needed to write it all down and bring back samples.

The IGG is mostly composed of two types of members. The most visible and most numerous are the Fielders. These are the members that go abroad seeking answers to questions. Fielders may find themselves away from home for years at a time, and therefore often return with a hundred pounds or more in recorded journals that must be catalogued and transcribed. That task often falls to the invisible minority of the IGG’s ranks- the Librarians. An IGG Librarian is a force to be reckoned with where their field of knowledge is concerned. In their chosen field of study, a Librarian will spend decades combing over field notes and archives, making sense of the nonsensical and deriving patterns from the chaos. Fielders that survive long enough to hang up their collecting satchels often join the ranks of the Librarians once they acquire enough knowledge in a particular field of expertise.

IGG Librarians work from the primary bases of operations that the organization maintains. These are normally referred to as Colleges, and are often named for the city they are located in. For instance, the oldest and largest of these (considered by most to be the headquarters of the IGG) is located in the Imperial city of Averglen, and so is called Averglen College. These installations are not colleges in the usual sense, but may be properly considered as secured research centers. While the IGG publicly blames criminals and international spies for the expensive security measures it maintains, the truth is commonly known (if unspoken) to senior members of the guild: Most attacks the IGG endures come from Grand Council, whenever one of the Headmasters gets a wild idea that some bit of knowledge the IGG has uncovered is too dangerous to be written down. So far, such attacks have not led to open accusations or hostility, but IGG members are inherently mistrustful of most Council Mages, and vice versa.

While the IGG has a commanding presence throughout the empire proper, its footprint is less pronounced where military campaigns are still active. In Riyaqa, the only proper college that is currently open is Port Miller College, on the west coast. Port Miller College is currently headed by Rector Charles Ignus. The IGG does operate a number of smaller field offices, and these are normally found in converted closets or cupboards belonging to other imperial functionaries with more funding. Larger cities across Riyaqa have a good chance of having one or more of these offices present, and a few are scattered near archaeologically significant finds across the continent.

In 3212, an IGG contingent was granted unprecedented access to the Khasif town of Zacat- the first time outsiders had been permitted inside the Khasif nation. Shortly after their arrival at the town (believed to stand on the ruins of an elven city), the entire contingent vanished. Since then, IGG has made no more overtures to gain entry to Khasif again, and IGG Fielders are banned from going there by decree of Philip Greymonte, the current Chancellor General of the IGG. Before and after this mass disappearance, there have been other losses in field for the IGG. None have been quite so large as this one, and many very bright researchers have not been heard from since.

Imperial Geographers' Guild

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