Ryek "The Hand" Tolemani

This is a briefing on the wanted robber and murder known as “The Hand”, prepared by Consulate staff on 21 Suno, 3231ER.

Four days ago, an operative element on a mission for the Consul-in-Residence subdued The Hand after he attacked them while en route to the Consulate, within the boundaries of Gol Asad. Consul Ducet adds, for the purposes of this report, that the element was attacked while in possession of intelligence critical to the success of the impending vote, and he believes recovering this intelligence was the attacker’s mission. This suggests that The Hand was hired to attack the operative element by a third party, which concurs with previous reports on his activities.

Interrogation has revealed that The Hand is properly named Ryek Tolemani. He is a Riyaqan male born to a desert tribe near Javad territory, is 33 years of age, and has no known surviving family. Tolemani has ties to several insurgent groups operating in the southern regions of the continent, and appears to be a former member of the Khona. No active Khona cells have been reported since the Gavo Offensive in 3229, though it is well-documented that many members went to ground following that operation.

Tolemani has yet to reveal actionable information about his most recent employers. Even when influenced by skilled mages, only imprecise images and snippets of conversation are revealed. These are detailed in a separate report that has been forwarded to Consul Ducet for his review.

Of note, although the Khona are officially inactive, a recent report from an operative in Qisaga detailed that more than a third of an insurgent cell operating there consists of former members of the Khona. While the decapitation campaign mounted against them during the Gavo Offensive appears to have been a success, there is significant risk they are reorganizing.

Also of note, Ryek Tolemani has been in custody within the Consulate since his capture by operatives four days ago. In that time, there have been two additional credible sightings of The Hand. One of these places him at the scene of an especially skillful assassination of the type with which we might normally suspect he was involved.

These two pieces of information, taken together, indicate a strong possibility that “The Hand” is not a single person, but an organization of unknown size that consists of more than one individual with Tolemani’s skill set. We infer from available evidence that Tolemani received the bulk of his skills training with the Khona. This newly available evidence suggests, then, that “The Hand” is likely to be a small, quiet cell of former Khona assassins, operating independently in Gol Asad.

If this is the case, they are likely to be very protective of the fact that there are more that one of them in the city. Eliminating Tolemani through some means would be the only logical next step for them, to protect that secret. To err on the side of caution, we recommend improved security measures around Tolemani, including arcane wards and monitoring for high-value subjects, until such time as he can be rendered back to Imperial soil for further questioning and trial.

-Council Mage Timon Henness
(in capacity as Magistrate of Intelligence to Consul Ducet)

Ryek "The Hand" Tolemani

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