Willie Burton


Willie Burton grew up on the streets of Farwater, spending most of his developmental years as a street urchin and member of a small gang.

As he moved into his late teens, Willie eventually found steady work at the Farwater docks as a shipwright’s apprentice before he got caught stealing and stowed away on a ship bound for Port Miller to avoid authorities.

Aboard the ship, he became acquainted with a member of the Imperial Geographer’s Guild on their way to Port Miller College. Seeing some genius in the boy’s intellect, but noting that a lack of any real parental influence in his life had left his potential unfulfilled, the IGG Librarian called in a couple of favors on arrival at the college and got Willie enrolled in some training courses.

Rector Charles Ignus has mostly held little hope that Willie will learn the discipline needed to become a Fielder for the IGG, but there is little doubt that Willie is gifted.

Willie is skilled in both alchemy and shipbuilding, and he assisted the party by repairing and upgrading the Seachild. He left the continent after a personnel evacuation was ordered by the IGG.

Willie Burton

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