For generations, the Asad has kept the peace between neighboring cities in the land of Riyaqa. The people of the Asad are tough and pragmatic- the land has never been overly kind to them. But now, new threats emerge from the night, and each new dawn brings a day harsher than the one before. As tension builds across the land, it’s hard to shake the feeling that something is behind the rising tide of suffering.

Riyaqa, even before the Asad, has long-standing traditions that revolve around the deep desert that surrounds the green lands where most live. It is a place of strife- a place to prove your fitness to live among these people. But now, there is something different about it. The callous indifference of a desert that would kill you as soon as save you has given way to something else. Shamans of the Asad look east, toward the sense of evil slowly rising from the Dim Wastes.

The Dim Wastes

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