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  • Dingo the goblin

    [[File:636014 | class=media-item-align-center | 960x540px | Dingo.jpg]] Dingo is an adult male goblin (19 years old), originally of the Gurmuk goblin clan near Farwater, on the eastern coast of Collosa. Though born as a free goblin, he was captured …

  • Arndt Jungson

    Sr. Lt. Arndt Jungson is the captain of [[Talia's Vengeance]], a ship assigned to the party by [[Magister Arturo Ducet | Ducet]]. He is a member of the [[Imperial Navy]], but his loyalties are complex. He turned against the Navy on orders from Ducet, …

  • The Khalid Brothers

    Myev and Ovak Khalid are olive farmers from [[Herlish]] that met the party on the road. They own and operate the second largest olive farm in town. They've been friendly and helpful, even after the party caused a lot of trouble in the town. (To be fair, …

  • Gok

    Gok is a goblin that leads a tribe living in the abandoned [[Juket Quarry]] near [[Sevir's Hill]]. He gave refuge to [[Salia Henich | Salia]] when she fled from [[Asif Henich | her father]]. The party helped [[Ugess]] move his tribe from their warren to …

  • Salia Henich

    [[Asif Henich| Asif]]’s daughter in [[Sevir's Hill]]. Fled her father and took refuge with [[Gok | Gok]] and his goblins.

  • Tabina Karouk

    Proprietress of [[The Lacy Death]]. Hot, but not as hot as [[:zayn | Zayn]]. Said we can stay there any time for free, as a reward for taking out [[Tulat]].

  • Rinn Kulanov

    A [[Imperial Geographers' Guild | Geographer’s Guild]] Librarian. Has some history with [[:sindar | Sindar]]. Created gas masks that can quite possibly protect people from the [[Sand Shambler]] gas. Was impersonated by [[Atala]] while [[Atala]] was …

  • Blue Wilson

    Chief Petty Officer Blue was assigned to the party by [[Arndt Jungson | Arndt]], and is now the captain of [[The Wandering Bard]], in service to the party.

  • Arastea Gomesh

    Lawful good strategist cavalier. Originally a military general under [[Oxyr]], in service to [[Aridesa]] and/or the [[Children of Mahari]]. Currently, Ghomesh has relinquished her military commission and has assumed the title of Town Warden for …

  • Julian Carmeno

    A paladin of the [[Order of Alhena]], dedicated to Paladine. He and his team met the party in [[Aridesa]] and traveled with them to [[Port Miller]], where they parted ways. Involved in a relationship with Anita Gladerunner, a druid. Currently leading a …

  • Falat Hennin

    Originally a Latpasa guard captain, leading refugees through the desert to [[Aridesa]]. After the fall of Aridesa, Falat and the remaining refugees instead made their way to the Tulesti Estate, where Falat swore direct service to House Tulesti. He took …

  • Willie

    A [[Imperial Geographers' Guild | Geographer's Guild]] alchemist and [[:sindar | Sindar]]'s apprentice. We do our best to keep him alive.

  • Willie Burton

    Willie Burton grew up on the streets of Farwater, spending most of his developmental years as a street urchin and member of a small gang. As he moved into his late teens, Willie eventually found steady work at the Farwater docks as a shipwright's …

  • Squeaks

    [[File:639821 | class=media-item-align-center | Squeaks.jpg]] An intelligent capybara druid from [[SR-7 | SR-7]]. Joined the party prior to their departure and was [[Dingo the goblin | Dingo's]] companion for the journey. She is currently the …

  • Barkqueem

    Hound archon and loyal servant of Rustum. [[:finn | Finn's]] favorite summoned creature.

  • Avendi Volok

    Originally a High Priestess of Anahita in [[Latpasa | Latpasa]]. After fleeing the fallen city, she assisted in leading a group of refugees from Latpasa to the Tulesti settlement. Currently, she is in charge of medical care in the settlement and has …

  • Kando Daea

    -Finn's adopted son.- Kando is the young son of the -deceased- recently resurrected [[Hana Daea | Hana Daea]]. He was mentored by [[:finn | Finn]], who was attempting to bring the wayward child to the Light of Rustum. He currently goes by the name …

  • Nohan Luala

    Rescued from Nassira by the party. Although missing from the Asad Assembly for almost a month, her absence was unnoticed due to the presence of an impersonator in service of the [[Children of Ahriman | Children of Ahriman]].

  • Thuli Black

    A pirate and businessman who is known to work with [[Dezil | Dezil the Broker]]. Captains a ship called The Anarchy.