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  • Squeaks

    [[File:639821 | class=media-item-align-center | Squeaks.jpg]] An intelligent capybara druid from [[SR-7 | SR-7]]. Joined the party prior to their departure and was [[Dingo the goblin | Dingo's]] companion for the journey. She is currently the …

  • Tulesa

    The land surrounding the [[Tulesti Citadel | Tulesti Citadel]], currently settled by refugees from the cities of [[Aridesa | Aridesa]] and [[Latpasa | Latpasa]]. h3. Current Population Approximately 6400 (originally 1300 from Aridesa and 300 from …

  • Ahti Ato

    [[File:753986 | class=media-item-align-none | Ahti_Ato.jpg]] Tulesa's representative in the Asad. Ahti stays in continuous communication with [[:zayn | Lady Zayn]] via the use of a communique bracelet.

  • Alexander Selkirk

    An erratic half-elf wizard found wandering the desert. Supposedly on "leave" from the [[The Grand Council | Grand Council]]. He found [[Oxyr | Oxyr]] for the party and is currently living in [[Tulesa | Tulesa]].