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  • Adar Tulesti

    A monument in the [[Hall of Statues]] beneath the Tulesti Citadel. This one has no statue. The plaque includes: * Monument stands empty to brother of Aziz who disappeared abroad while searching for his brother.

  • Sepan Tulesti

    An unfinished monument in the Hall of Statues beneath the Tulesti Citadel. The plaque includes his name written in chalk, as if preparing the carve it, but it has not been carved.

  • Hesham Arkeles

    We know a bunch of stuff about him that I'm not listing right now. There is a statue of him in the Hall of Statues beneath the Tulesti Citadel. This statue is of darker stone than the others, and of better quality. The plaque includes: * …

  • Tulesa

    The land surrounding the [[Tulesti Citadel | Tulesti Citadel]], currently settled by refugees from the cities of [[Aridesa | Aridesa]] and [[Latpasa | Latpasa]]. h3. Current Population Approximately 6400 (originally 1300 from Aridesa and 300 from …

  • Ghadir Tulesti

    [[File:754012 | class=media-item-align-none | Ghadir_Tulesti.jpg]] A member of the Tulesti house and progeny of the vampire Jovacho. Ghadir was responsible for massacring the (supposed) last of the Tulesti line and creating the Twin Skulls corrupted …