This is a list of party loot we’ve acquired. I’ll list each loot source (i.e. the encounter in which we got it) as well as the party member who received it. Anything unclaimed is generally carried by Tarsus, the party pack mule — much of it in our Bag of Holding. Sold loot is shown in italics.

A loot spreadsheet is also available; it omits mundane loot, and splits out “plot” items.

Full Circle (Session 48)

A session in which our past comes back to haunt us.

ITEM Character Notes
Cloak of Resistance +1
Keen Bastard Sword +2
+1 Full Plate
Assassin’s Dagger
+2 Studded Leather Alchemical Invisibility
+1 Leather Armor
+2 Short Sword
+2 Longbow
(2) Potion of Cure Light Wounds
(1) Potion of Bull Strength
(1) Potion of Align Weapon

Another Night in the Shadowfell (Session 45)

A session in which Finn repeatedly failed to hit an inanimate object with a sword, Tarsus met his fell alter-ego, Zayn narrowly avoided an invisible dog, and Sindar became unemployed.

ITEM Character Notes
Ahrighal’s Kiss Destroyed by Dervish
Unstable Accelerant Sindar
Pendant of a Fair Deal
Scrolls from Cultist Lair See Loot List for Details

????? (Session 44)

A session in which everyone was confused! I think?

Money: 178 gp in Khasif nation coins and gems (not distributed)

ITEM Character Notes
+1 Serpent’s Fang Dagger
Spellscorch Poison
(2) Black Lotus Extract
Nightmare Vapor Sindar
Tears of Death 2-3 doses
+5 Vorpal Longsword Finn

Cut Off the Head of the Snake (Session 43)

A session in which we ruin Sadeesh’s day.

ITEM Character Notes
+1 Dagger
(3) +1 Blackstrike Blades
+1 Heavy Mace
+2 Field Plate
Mail of Malevolence
Staff pf Swarming Insects
Cloak of Resistance +1
Cloak of Resistance +3 Zayn
Ring of Protection +2 Sindar
Headband of Mental Prowess +4 Sindar Wis/Int
Hat of DIsguise
Belt of Mighty Con +4 Finn or Zayn
Amulet of Natural Armor +1
Amulet of Natural Armor +3 Tarsus
Silver Spike Bandolier Finn
(2) Potions of Blur
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
Various MW/Elven Weapons See Spreadsheet

I Just Wanted to Buy Some Damn Supplies Redux (Session 42)

A session in which we bought things from a dirty old man and talked to a bunch of assholes.

ITEM Character Notes
Scroll of Mindblank Zayn Two copies of the spell
Strand of Prayer Beads Finn Healing, karma, smite

Raiders of the Lost Artifacts (Session 39)

A session in which Tarsus didn’t bother checking any doors for traps, Sindar defended his hoarding disorder, Zayn finally showed off her third ball, and Finn let a couple of priests of Ahriman know that they backed the wrong deity.
Also, Artifacts!

ITEM Character Notes
Latpasa Governor’s Scimitar +1 Scimitar
Latpasa Seal of Office
Latpasa Cermonial Robes See Spreadsheet
(2) Collapsing Spears
+1 Longsword
+1 Chain Shirt
Cloak of Resistance +1
Ring of Protection +1
Oil of Shillelagh
(2) Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
Potion of Bull Strength
(3) Spell Lattices (2) 1st, (1) 3rd
Perfection’s Key Tarsus Major Artifact
Orb of Dragonkind (Gold) Finn Major Artifact
Hellfire Halo Minor Artifact
Various MW Weapons/Armor See Spreadsheet

Riyaqan Noir (Session 36)

A session in which we casually open a portal to the Shadowfell, solve a murder mystery on the high seas, recruit more mendicants for Zayn’s fan club, and ruthlessly question Sindar’s sexuality. For once, the dead body isn’t one that we made, but we got loot anyway.

ITEM Character Notes
Xazat’s Ritual Book Update from S. 34
(2) Scrolls of Summon Monster V Finn
Scroll of Wall of Ice Zayn
Scroll of Sleetstorm Zayn
Unidentified Scroll
Wand of Suggestion Zayn Low charges
Stone of Weather Control Zayn 1/week
Mundane Necklace w/ Ash
“Devilfish” 3/4 Scimitar Worth 318 gp

Ducet ex Machina (Session 35)

Dad stops by and tells all of his kids to play nice.

Money: 175 gp (distributed)

ITEM Character Notes
(8) bars of platinum Tarsus
Encoded military papers from the customs office
(2) +1 Scimitar
(2) +1 Flail
(2) Mistmail
Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2
(7) MW Scimitars

Ad Libitum (Session 34)

Going off script as usual, but with less disastrous results than usual… for now.

ITEM Character Notes
Grim Lantern Destroyed
Junov’s Creepy Specs of Peeping Zayn
+1 Flail Kando
+1 Gladius
+1 Rapier
+1 Breastplate Imperial High Col. Insignia
Cloak of Resistance +2 Kando
(3) Rings of Sustenance Finn, Zayn, Tarsus
Ring of Feather Falling Zayn
Vest of Surgery Kando
Belt of Giant Strength Kando
Eyes of the Dragon Tarsus
Bookmark of Deception Finn
(3) Formulae Books Sindar
Potion of Barkskin LvL 12 Tarsus
(3) Potions of Darkvision
Potion of Magic Fang +1
Cognatogen (Int) Sindar
Miscellaneous Mundane Weapons/Armor See Spreadsheet

Auribus Teneo Lupum (Session 33)

Convincing yourself that a bad idea is a good idea is a bad idea. But, hey, more loot!

ITEM Character Notes
+1 Heavy Flail
(2) +1 Scimitars
(3) +1 Agile Breastplates
Cloak of Quick Reflexes +1/2
Vest of Surgery Finn
Potion of Pass Without Trace
(2) Potions of Aid
Potion of Bull Strength
Oil of Magic Weapon
Oil of Invisibility
Potion of Cat’s Grace
Miscellaneous MW/Mundane Weapons See Spreadsheet
(11) Specialty Arrows See Spreadsheet

Imperium in Imperio (Session 32)

Another fine mess.

ITEM Character Notes
(2) Cloaks of Resistance +1 (1) Kando
(2) Cloaks of Quick Reflexes
(2) Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds
(2) Potions of Magic Weapon
Agile Breastplate +1
A Pile of MW Weapons and Armor See Spreadsheet
(43) Specialty Arrows See Spreadsheet

Sacrifices Must Be Made (Session 31)

Things we stripped off the corpse of a sorcerer, after Finn murdered self-defensed him with a death effect necromancy spell.

ITEM Character Notes
MW Light Crossbow w/ (10) Bolts
Nobleman’s Clothes
Fox Fur Cloak Sindar
Potion of Fly
Amulet of Natural Armor +2 Tarsus
Ring of Protection +2 Zayn
Headband of Alluring Charisma +2

Priorities (Session 28)

Even in the midst of chaos and sand shamblering, with the lives of Asad assembly members hanging in time-sensitive balance, we still took the opportunity to strip corpses of any potentially useful items.

ITEM Character Notes
MW Mace
MW Field Plate
+1 Shadow Leather Armor
+1 Short Sword
Potion of Invisibility
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
Ring of Protection +1
(2) Scrolls of Protection from Good

A Penchant for Piracy and Plotting (Session 26)

Met some old friends. Some were missed; others were not.

ITEM Character Notes
Gems (3k gp worth) (1k) Finn, (1k) Zayn, (1k) vault
(2) MW Shortswords (1) Kando
MW Hand Crossbow
MW Leather Armor Kando
Amulet of Natural Armor

Radicalist Resurgence (Session 25)

More loot; more dead NPCs.

Money: 676 gp, but in Khasif Nation coins

ITEM Character Notes
+3 Shadow Leather Armor
(2) +1 Short Swords (1) Tarsus
(2) +1 Hand Crossbows and (21) Bolts (2) Tarsus
Belt of Physical Might +2 (Dex/Con) Nanda
Potion of Invisibility Zayn
(3) Potions of Cure Moderate Wounds (1) Tarsus
(3) Rings of Retribution (1) Finn, (2) Tarsus
Cloak of Resistance +2 Sindar
(2) Large CoA Insignia (~175 gp ea.)
(2) Handy Haversacks (1) Zayn, (1) Finn
Rubies (850 gp)
Dagger of Venom
(1) Jailer and (4) Prisoner Rings
+1 Belligerent Shield Tarsus From Session 23

Our Brand of Diplomacy (Session 22.5)

Murdered a vampire and took all of his stuff!

Money: 117,500 gp (Tulesti Vault), 7 pp and 70 gp (Ghadir), and 38,250 gp (Jovacho’s hoard)

ITEM Character Notes
Potion of Owl’s Wisdom Finn
Arcane Signet Zayn
+1 Fire-forged Mace Sold
+2 Heartseeking Reinforced Viridium Rapier Sold
Box of Seeds Sindar
MW Leather Armor with Tulesti Crest Disintegrated
Jasper Stones (2), Blue Gem (1) Magic
Oil of Delay Poison
Scroll of Telekinesis
Wand of Disguise Self
MW Steel Shield Disintegrated

This is Beautiful, Baby; Too Bad We Can’t Stay! (Session 22)

A bunch of shit from a haunted house.

ITEM Character Notes
Ceremonial Sword Disintegrated
Rings Disintegrated
Immovable Rod Tarsus
Scrolls of Heal (2) Finn
Scroll of Remove Curse Finn

And Stay Out (Session 18)

We made some more enemies and got some more friends killed. Good times!

Money: 7 jingling pouches. Except I think Atala took them.

Special: In addition to the below, we found an odd-looking, large coin. It has a feather embossing on it.

ITEM Character Notes
Mithril Chain Shirt +1 Finn
Cloak of Resistance +1 Willie
Elixir of Truth
Masterwork Rapier
Masterwork Thieves’ Tools
Disguise Kit
Light crossbow, 10 bolts Willie

I Just Wanted to Buy Some Damn Supplies (Session 17)

This was supposed to be a shopping trip, but I guess now it’s also a looting trip. Let’s try to keep this from becoming a get-murdered-by-vampires trip as well.

Money: 18pp, 105gp, 99sp (really? couldn’t make that 100sp?? FFS)

ITEM Character Notes
Quickchange Cloak Teegan
Boots of Striding and Springing Tarsus
Amulet of Bullet Protection +1 Teegan
Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2 Finn
Potion of Spiderclimb (2)
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (2) Tarsus (1)
Ring of Spell Knowledge II Zayne
Mundane Weapons/Armor Tarsus (BoH) See Session 17 log for list

The Jihad and the Journey (Session 15)

  • Armor for everyone, to replace our Council armor and cloaks, which we gave up.
  • A token for Tarsus and Teegan to trade out their armor at the Grand Market in Port Miller (since they were the two who received purely mundane armor).
  • 85 gp and some pretty stones.
  • Information, clarification, and direction.
  • An astonishing amount of damage.

Imminent Incineration (Session 14)

No items, but 32 THOUSAND gold worth of platinum. Everyone gets 640 platinum (6400 gp worth). Enough for a lot of bullets…

Hellish Halls and the Heroic Hound (Session 13)

All loot below is tentative. Unless we do something clever and dishonest, we’ll get at most 1/3 of the total value of any non-religious items on the list below. We also discovered various objects (jade statues, solid gold sarcophagus) that aren’t likely to be considered loot.

Money: 15 gp

ITEM Character Notes
Jailor’s Dungeon Ring
Blazing Sun Magical Religious Item
Effigy of Ahriman Magical Religious Item
Potion of Water Breathing
Set of Keys One marked with “67”
Various gold / etc 55,000 gp worth

Gods and Generals (Session 12)

No loot per se, but we did trade a lot of spare equipment for camels, parts for Emi’s new musket, and a few odds and ends.

Furious Fusillades (Session 11)

Not a long list, but… it includes a boat. And the ire of the Imperial Navy! And probably Ducet as well. Plenty of ire to go around.

ITEM Character Notes
Musket Emi
2 Powder Horns Emi
Several Barrels of Powder
Various Valuables
A Ship Complete with crew

Exceptional Escapes (Session 10)

We can now consider both the Session 9 loot and this Session 10 loot ours. The previous owner is dead, and if we get caught by the navy we’ll have more to worry about than repossession.

Tarsus will track the weight / volume inside the bag of holding and use it for any heavy or rarely used party equipment.

ITEM Character Notes
+1 Awesome Musket Emi
Dusty Rose Prism Ioun Stone Cursed-ish?
Scroll of Invisibility (2)
MW Handaxe
MW Dagger w/Imperial Seal (2)
Vial of Greenblood Oil (3) Sindar
Vial of Black Adder Venom (2) Sindar
Explosive Charge & Detonator
Deacon Note & Map
Files & Codebooks
Flask of Oil (3)
Waterskin (2)
Dice, Cards Teagan
Thieves’ Tools (2)

Disaster and the Deathtrap Delve (Session 9)

This one’s a little awkward, because none of this is technically ours. We might end up having to give it back.

ITEM Character Notes
+2 Dagger, Cold Iron Teegan
+1 Rapier Emi
Hat of Disguise
Potion of Tongues
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds (2)
Bag of Holding (type II) Contents unknown
MW Composite Shortbow [+1] Tarsus
Smoke Arrows (3) Teagan (2)
Tarsus (1)
MW Backpack
Various Equipment

Circumventing Catastrophe (Session 8)

Money: 35 gp (7 gp each) (congratulations Finn, you get a share!)

ITEM Character Notes
Spectacles of Understanding
Bandages of Rapid Recovery
Revelation Cloth
Potion of Shield of Faith (2)
Masterwork Composite Shortbow [+2] Teagan
Masterwork Short Sword Finn
Prisoner’s Iron Ring
Punching Dagger obsidian blade
Chain Shirt
Light Crossbow

The Barrels and the Bell (Session 7)


ITEM Character Notes
Composite Shortbow [+2] (2)
Masterwork Gladius (2)
Potion of Cat’s Grace (2) Teagan (1)
Emi (1)
Chain Shirt (2) strange cut
Quarterstaff (2)
Shambler Poison Antidote (6) One each

The Anthem of Anton (Session 6)

Anton succumbed to grievous wounds during this session, and is no longer with us. We mourn his passing, and have respectfully redistributed his possessions as described below.

In addition, each character received a set of +1 Council armor of Comfort, along with a Council cloak, which a) has a total of +2 in save bonuses that can be allocated to any combination of saves (a +1 can be moved to a new save once per day); and b) can also set an illusionary clothing / armour appearance once per day and switch back and forth between it and its real appearance at will. In addition, the captain’s cloak can be used to detect other Council cloaks.

Money: 444 gp, 18 sp (111 gp, 4 sp, 5 cp each)

ITEM Character Notes
Lesser Rod of Reach Teegan
Wand of Cure Light Wounds Teegan 32 charges
Wand of Cure Light Wounds Sindar Team purchase
Cloak of Resistance +1 redundant with cloaks
Sleeves of Many Garments redundant with cloaks
Scroll of Remove Fear Finn
Scroll of Comprehend Languages Finn
Masterwork Light Crossbow Teegan
Masterwork Buckler
Ioun Torch Tarsus
3 Vials of Acid
Disguise Kit 12 uses
Spring-Loaded Wrist Sheath Teegan
+1 Longsword “Dervish” Tarsus swapped for Bonefang

The Haunted Cradle (Session 5)

Money: 26 gp, 10 sp (5 gp, 4 sp each)

ITEM Character Notes
Lesser Rod of Reach Anton
+1 Chain Shirt Teegan Sindar gets Teegan’s MW Studded Leather
+1 Ring of Protection Teegan
L1 Pearl of Power Teegan
Sphere of Recall and Ring of Attunement
Scroll of Aid Finn
Scroll of Interrogation (2)
Potion of Heal Emi
Light Crossbow Sold
Ritual Dagger (2) Sold One in poor condition
Cut Onyx Gems Sold Probably spell components
Black Velvet Robe Sold with gold wire trim
Quill & Ink Set Sold silver
Cradle Quarterstaff Ledger
Snake Sigil Bone Carving
Leather-Wrapped Papers

Goblins in the Tunnels (Session 4)

Money: None

ITEM Character Notes
BoneFang (unique weapon) Tarsus (swapped)
Jewelry Sold About 75gp
“Dogslicer” Blades (9) Anton (Goblins)
Leather Armour (5) Anton (Goblins) Small, poor condition
Skull Helmet Sold
Weird plant in beer mug Sindar

Loot Sale

We sold the following unused equipment: two masterwork spiked chains, two chain shirts, one masterwork chain shirt, one heavy crossbow, and one short sword.

Money: 601 gp (120 gp 2 sp each)

Bandits on the Road (Session 3)

Ducet also gave Teegan a jailer’s dungeon ring, to track Ducet’s undead raven that’s equipped with a prisoner’s dungeon ring.

Money: 276 gp (55 gp 2 sp each)

ITEM Character Notes
Cloak of Resistance +1 Anton
Potion of Invisibility CL 3
Masterwork Spiked Chain (2) Sold
Heavy Crossbow (2) Tarsus (1)
Sold (1)
one with bonus grease!
Chain Shirt (3) Sold
Disguise Kit Anton 5 uses
Thieves’ Tools Teegan
Smokestick (4) Sindar (1)
50’ Silk Rope Sindar

Magister Ducet and Mission Provisions (Session 2)

Money: 4250 gp (850 gp each)
(5000 gp bounty for The Hand minus cost of team wand, below)

The team was given 7 “masterwork upgrades”.
Tarsus, Sindar, and Teegan each used two, and Emi used one.

We also each received a standard riding horse, with a saddle, bedroll, tent, 7 days rations, and 5 days water.

ITEM Character Notes
Wand of Cure Light Wounds Anton Joint purchase with party funds

The Hand, in a Gol Asad alley (Session 2)

Money: 253 gp (50 gp 6 sp each)

ITEM Character Notes
Gloom Blade (shortsword) Teegan Masterwork in light, +1 in dim, +2 in full darkness
+1 Light Crossbow Emi and 25 bolts
Heartseeker Bolts (5) Emi
Amulet of Natural Armor +1 Tarsus
Masterwork Dagger Emi

Arnt’s Skiff and the Cultist Saboteurs (Session 1)

Money: none

ITEM Character Notes
Extending Spear Tarsus Details unknown

The Line to Sutif (Session 1)

Money: 25 gp 5 sp (5 gp 1 sp each)

ITEM Character Notes
Insignia Buckle (2) Anton (1), Sindar (1) Symbol of Ahriman cult
Silk cloak (2) Anton (1), Sindar (1)
Masterwork Dagger (2) Emi (2)
Potion of Cure Light Wounds (7) One each (5)
Shortsword Sold


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