Finn's Prayers

Session 23

Rustum, I feel I have been given a gift with this new power, there is much good I can do. I feel like more than ever our mission must come first now, as we have grown in strength it seems new enemies have found their way into our path and the scope of our mission grows daily, like some bard’s tale we will soon be deeply engaged in a fight for the very future of Riyaqa itself. Meeting one of your agents is humbling, yet confusing, as it seems his limits and rules are severe. I will try act as your agent here for as long as time allows me and I feel now is the time to begin training the next generation as well. Even if we defeat the evil under the dessert there is still civil unrest, political upheaval and tribal feuds to deal with and the people will need more heros, since I feel that not all of us will be making it out of this…

Session 22
Rustum, many great challenges await me and my companions in the next few days. As always I welcome the chance to defeat a foe as powerful as Ghadir, the encounters I have had with the remains of his family have shown me that my cause is just and being able to give their tortured souls a measure of peace will be a blessing. Please give me the strength and knowledge to help their souls pass on.

While now is not the best time and my lifestyle is not conducive to taking a young apprentice, I see this test as an opportunity to train the next generation that will protect this land and those who cannot protect themselves. My companions have a great many skill to teach and I only hope I can train them to serve you better than I.

You teach us that facing our fear and confronting the darkness is a great power and that steadfastness in the face of danger and evil can spur others to acts of heroism, but there is one battle I fear I cannot do anything about, and the powerlessness is crushing. My friend and compatriot Sindar is slipping away from us, I would have thought it an enchantment or this strange place we inhabit, but I can feel it already. I do not have the answer to his affliction and I do not know what to do, I pray for you aid Rustum. I know you will not heal my friend as that is not your way, and his recovery would be cheapened by such intervention, but I ask that you show me the way forward.

In this time of trouble, it is my faith in your and in my friends that gives me strength.

Session 21

Rustum, a new storm has blown into the lives of our group. Nanda, as she is called, seems a force of chaos. Only a day into our travels, she has suggested we leave a group of desert travelers without offering them aid and brought about a storm of epic proportions. It’s her lack of concern for the people that frightens me. Perhaps this is just an opportunity for me to learn that being a hero is not always clean or black and white, to be a hero something bad has to happen. Do my own aspirations for heroism lead me to danger, or does it help to create it?

I will continue to live in your image and fight for those who cannot.

Please give your blessings to your humble servant Tarsus, for I feel more than scorpions lie in this dark place we are about to enter….

Lastly your humble servant Barkqueem has once again done battle for me. His sacrifice is appreciated as always.

Finn's Prayers

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