Magister Arturo Ducet


Magister Arturo Ducet is the current Headmaster of Necromancy of the Grand Council of Alhena. Magister Ducet first attracted the attention of those who would eventually form the Council while still a young apprentice mage fighting alongside hundreds of others in the various formative wars that laid the early foundations of the Empire of Alhena. Having distinguished himself as a battlefield control mage early on, Arturo was taken as a pupil by a powerful elven mage named Zaos Alimon. Arturo became close with his master, and observed first hand as the life-stealing curse placed on the elves slowly withered his vitality but refused to snuff out the last bit of life in him.

As Arturo gained power, he set about focusing on assisting Zaos in the frenzied search for some way to lift the magical curse that plagued all elves following the War of Passage. In following this path, he sought mastery of the life energy that flows through living creatures. And thus the young half-elf that would become the most powerful necromancer in revealed existence set himself upon the path of destiny.

Trying and failing endlessly, Zaos and Arturo cycled through years of despair, frustration, and elation as they made new discoveries, only to find they led to dead ends for the problem at hand. Although he left much later than most elves, Zaos eventually conceded defeat and joined his brethren in the secretive beyond to which they collectively retreated to die. Arturo Ducet, however, did not give up. Rather than continuing to attempt a cure, he began seeking ways around the curse’s effects. His research led him to the hidden lair of an undead lord of mythical power, seeking to neutralize and capture the thing for study.

Ducet has never told a soul the details of what happened in that dark place. What is known is that a battle ensued, and the evil thing was destroyed. But what walked out of that hole was not entirely Arturo Ducet. Or maybe, it was something more that just the mage that went down there. The half-elf returned from that expedition not just as a necromancer, but as a vampire himself. That was a cold and cloudy day in late winter of the year 47ER.

Not necessarily seeing a down side to his new condition, Ducet threw himself into his studies as no man could that needed frequent rest and food. For their part, the leadership of the fledgling Arcane Court of the Empire of Alhena was all too happy to accept his presence, both for the study opportunity he presented and to simply keep a closer eye on him. Not everyone was entirely comfortable with the idea of a gifted necromancer with effective immortality. Nevertheless, Ducet proved over time to be a valuable member, then teacher, and finally leader. Over the course of many campaigns, Ducet has recovered some of the most dangerous necromantic artifacts in existence, and laid low numerous threats to the empire. In 129ER, as the Arcane Court took the final steps to its metamorphosis into the Grand Council, Archmage Arturo Ducet was named Magister Principalis of Necromancy and Headmaster of Necromantic Studies of the Grand Council of Alhena- for the first time.

Over the centuries, Magister Ducet has occasionally left his post to a trusted second and ventured off for decades at a time to pursue other things. For the most part, it has never been discovered exactly what he does or where goes on these excursions, but he has always returned when the Grand Council was in need of his expertise to fend off some great threat to the empire. Rumors persist that even after all this time, he still searches for a way to save his old master and friend. Only one story of such an absence is known, and it is only known to a few very well placed scholars. Ducet has left his seat on the Grand Council 21 times since first taking it. He last accepted the post again in 3072ER, where he has remained ever since. Every mage that has taken it in his stead has, out of profound respect, insisted on the title of Headmaster’s Proxy and refused outright to act as the Magister Principalis, though the two posts are universally awarded together for other arcane schools.

Magister Ducet arrived in the Riyaqan city of Gol Asad in 3212ER to act as Consul in Residence for the Grand Council, to advise the Asad on the Council’s involvement and position on various issues, should they inquire.

Magister Arturo Ducet

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