Occupation History

In 3209ER, Alhena merchants established their first permanent outposts in Riyaqa to begin acquiring and exporting goods and raw materials back to the empire. Tensions waxed and waned over the years as some in the Asad accepted the outsiders, and others wanted them back on their ships and gone.

In 3222ER, the first military action involving the empire occurred. Benisaga militia attacked an empire merchant convoy as it entered the desert, leaving Latpasa for the recently-established empire port landing of Hansen (in blue on the continental map). The empire merchant convoy was all but destroyed. When survivors reported what had happened, the empire responded with soldiers. It was determined that the attack originated from Sutif, and the empire blockaded the town after several skirmishes with local militia and the town’s guard. The incident was eventually resolved peacefully at the Asad, with Benisaga accepting empire patrols on their roads.

In 3224ER, several Javad city-states launched a surprise offensive after the empire expanded the meaning of “patrols” to include “permanent forts” near their towns. The empire claimed before the Asad that these forts were in response to increasing attacks from uncontrolled militia. Benisaga’s swift military response to the forts cleared the path in the Imperial Commerce Senate to recommend a full-scale military incursion into Riyaqa to protect economic assets already in place, which the Emperor obliged. What Asad natives quietly call the “Adamantine War” began when fresh battalions of Imperial Regiment troops took Sutif and Lajh on the same day.

In 3229ER, empire forces in Riyaqa finally stopped their conquering with the fall of Qisaga, and the semi-peaceful occupation of Tahuk. Benisaga is now a nation in name only. The already loose nature of the Javad meant that its unification folded fast before military onslaught, with individual cities deciding to fight or capitulate on their own.

In 3230ER, fighting in the border lands began to rise again, with new militias forming and chaos taking hold for brief fits here and there. Much of the fighting seemed to be over farm boundaries. Some revolved around more esoteric reasons. When the empire moved troops into the area to quell the violence, their presence often invited even more.

3231ER – Present day.

Occupation History

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