Talia's Vengeance


Talia’s Vengeance

Originally dedicated as Crestrider in 3188ER, the ship saw service in several skirmish campaigns before being assigned to a coastal defense flotilla for Hansen in 3220ER. A few years later, the ship was badly damaged in a grounding incident. After temporary repairs, it was sent to Port Miller for refit and overhaul. It re-entered service two years later with a new sail design and rebuilt keel, both intended to greatly increase the ship’s sailing speed at the expense of being less stable. For this reason, the ship’s armament was refitted to only 10 heavy guns, and it was re-designated as a fast reconnaissance ship. It was dispatched to Gol Asad and attached to the Grand Council Consulate there as one of the ships in the five-ship squadron at the disposal of the Consul.

Very recently, Consul Ducet ordered Crestrider to separate from the squadron and undergo another blitz refit. Compartments on board were stripped and new appointments were added for a special, highly secretive mission involving the Operatives’ Guild. Under direction of its new captain, the remaining cannons were stripped and replaced with eight Long Arm deck ballistae, presumably to further increase the ship’s already impressive speed. No other details of the ship’s most recent refit are a matter of record.

At the conclusion of this mission refit, the ship was re-dedicated Talia’s Vengeance. It’s diplomatic flags have been removed, and the ship again flies fleet colors for its new mission.

Captain Sr. Lt. Arndt Jungson
First Officer Ens. Emile Harker
Boatswain Chief Petty Officer Blue Wilson
Quartermaster Petty Officer Ansey Cotreau
Cook Doc Turner
Crew Bran Pashar
Cecil Falone
Salazar Tallstag
Ander Peren
Mival Hahpet
Karo Brock
Sergei Vistra
Randal Mostana
Dante Mostana
Lian Fezim
Jamal Sepret
Wen Natal
Embarked Passengers secret

Talia's Vengeance

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