The Vote

Summary of Votes

The following outlines the current expected outcome of the upcoming vote on Qisaga’s resolution by proxy for the occupational forces of the Empire of Alhena. Resolution summary statement:

“The government of the Empire of Alhena shall presently withdraw military forces from all cities, towns, roads, waterways, and wilderness areas of the Riyaqan lands, with the exception of the city of Qisaga. Alhena shall retain governorship of Qisaga, enforced by will of the Asad. Alhena shall be permitted to maintain a garrison there not to exceed the size of the largest garrison permitted under Asad law, and a naval force not to exceed the size of the largest territorial patrol fleet permitted under Asad law. Alhena shall name one delegate to the Asad to vote in the interests of Qisaga.”

Delegate Name Representing Probable vote Notes
Raha Delina Gol Asad (speaker of Asad) Abstain Typically votes only to break ties
Fari Sivoi (missing) Nassira and Sutif Yea Empire puppet
Nohan Lewala Haralin Yea
Nani Kalari Benisaga Shah (royal delegation) Nay very hostile to Empire
Braelin Darkwood (missing) Qisaga Yea Empire citzen, Riyaqan wife
Najih Vesali (missing) Lajh Yea Empire puppet
Utana Daah (missing) An Samir Yea Heavily influenced by Empire trade
Esmeel Vesali Mimmam Nay Very religious
Souri Hira Abu Jalat Yea
Armoun Khot Limasi Yea
Otana Mizanan Jalelam Yea
Hossein Vyara Javad Collective (Tahuk north) undecided Fearful of war with Khasif
Fatima Parewa Javad Collective (Tahuk south) undecided Tends to vote with Hossein Vyara
Moez Saroot Jaleraba Yea Fearful of war with Empire
Besin Joshi An Fallu Yea
Zeba Amra Aduwar Nay
Mina Asana Latpasa Nay Actively opposes anything the Empire wants
Azarmin Nafisi Ghabi Yea Seeks greater security against Khasif
Arvand Ramandi Kaleska Yea Actively opposes Khasif position on most things
Sava Berzinan Hahsa Nay Khasif Bloc
Athan Muskinur Khasif Regency Nay Khasif Bloc
Yata Hakar Mednu Nay Khasif Bloc
Lilta Pisem Kiska Nay Khasif Bloc
Daso Enna Meru Nay Khasif Bloc
Pastik Maskini Zacat Nay Khasif Bloc
Sen Nevel Nadju Nay Khasif Bloc
Ahti Ato Mahari delegation undecided Has thus far abstained from all proceedings on this vote

The Vote

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