Tulesti Citadel

The manor house attached to the Tulesti Estate; the party’s base of operations.


Bunks: +8 Labor or Gold
Bedroom x5: +15 Gold
Common Room: +7 Influence or Gold
Courtyard: +5 Any
Crypts x5(6): +25 Influence, Magic, or Gold
Greenhouse: +12 Goods, Influence, or Gold
Kitchen x2: +8 Goods or Gold
Lavatory: Bonus on Fort saves vs. disease
Office x3
Sitting Room: +4 Influence and +1 on certain checks
Scribe’s Workstation: +8 Goods, Influence, or Gold
Storage x2: +4 Gold
War Room: Planning gives army +2 attack & morale checks


Goods: 12 (25 left in the ground)
Influence: 15 (15 left in the ground)
Labor: 0 (Currently being utilized at maximum capacity)
Magic: 5


Zayn Tulesti: Lady of the Estate
Tarsus Thornbane: House Tulesti General
Falat Hennin: House Tulesti Garrison Brigadier
House Garrison: 72 soldiers and officers
Dingo: Spymaster
House and Administrative Staff: 48
Special Operatives: 6 (Economic reps, diplomatic attaches)
Graja Helin: Engineer
Hota Janelo: Engineer
Squeaks: Director of Agriculture
Alexander Selkirk: Librarian
Blue Wilson: Fleet commodore (currently at sea)

Defense Systems

Shield Barrier (Abjuration/Rod one)
Golems x3 (Transmutation/Rod two)
Lightning (Evocation/Rod three)
Remote viewing to 5 miles (Divination/Rod four)
Invisibility (Illusion/Rod five)
Shadowfell gating (Conjuration/Rod five)

Tulesti Vault Funds

Current Total: 102,875

117, 500 gp

Session 27:

  • -1500 Summoning Barkqueem
  • -1000 Merchant seed fund to establish trade relations with Herlish
  • -2500 Supplies for Sea Child modifications
  • -5000 Party travel bank (fuel costs, etc)’
  • +1000 Added gem from loot
    Total: 108,000

Session 29

  • -2500 Administrative costs
    Total: 105, 500

Session 36

  • Expenses out-stripped earnings in the last few weeks, as lots of materials have been purchased from Herlish and caravans for repairs and expansion.
  • Construction is slowing, so this trend is not expected to continue.
    Total: 102,875

Tulesti Citadel

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